Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David

I question,
I worry,
I fear a life of insignificance although I know I have contributed much during my lifetime.
What is to become of me?
Opportunity comes and goes.
Yet, I know that my greatest desire is to be of service as a minister of spirit.
I feel frustrated in that it has not been fully realized.
Yet, if I continually attempt only to do that, and do not realize my goal,
My desire to live may greatly decline.
Am I behind schedule in accomplishing the opportunities I set for myself in spirit?
Are there other searchers who are waiting for me to reach them?
Am I to do more than one thing at this time in my life?
My answer came to me in a dream.
It began like this:
He asked his guidance questions from his heart,
He wants to do so much, and yet knows he cannot do everything.
The other night he went to sleep and had a dream of speaking to a
recently departed spirit who was very dear to him during his
In response to his questions about commitment and his ability to fulfill that
commitment, an angel spoke first, and upon request repeated his/her
response in a melody:

We come upon life with great expectations and opportunity,
Yet life seems fleeting like the movement of the wings of a
We feel we are losing/wasting time and face great impediment and loss.
Our hearts ache frequently, and we seem to have so little control over our
Have faith, for we back you 100%!
You believe that you have committed acts of transgression, both of cornrrlission
and omission, and sometimes you get depressed.
But looking through a glass darkly obscures everything.
Relax, meditate, check out your goals, prioritize, and to the best of
your ability follow them without judgment.
Don't be surprised at the greater possibilities that occur,
And always be grateful with what happens.
Don't limit yourself,.
Just keep checking.
For spirit lives within your being and blesses you always.
David C. Hakim
Rochester, Michigan