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Welcome To David

by Francisco David Coll

My opportunity is to understand the simplicity of who I am, where I came from and where I am going. Loyalty to myself means Keeping It Simple Spiritual. The more I understand how simple life is, the easier it is to understand the Rules-of-the-Game. Abundant Flow is my design. And I flow best when I am simply at peace. The term 'Inner Peace' is not wasted on me. It is not only what I am but also my pathway to greater fulfillment with the Big Picture or the All. It means I am in harmony with both the timing of Spirit and my needs & wants; neither greater, or lesser, they are a partnership to build. Calm inside does not mean undirected, or a lack of drive. It means very much the opposite. When I am calm, or relaxed, I move smoothly and without hesitation. When I am calm, I do better with less effort. It is this natural way of being that allows me to do 'My Greatest Works' now. All I need to do is to balance my thoughts with feelings, so that I 'feel-think-act.'

To rally the energy that I am is to see time as my ally. If I do not see time, and timing, clearly, I will use time as a weapon against myself. That's when I can lose my enthusiasm. When I stop enjoying, I put pressure on myself or accept pressure from the outer. I will begin to feel all tied up inside. Fearful of losing something, or someone. It is the Worry and Guilt that creates an over-concern or lack-of-concern; either way it is a distraction from having True Concern. True Concern means pure Love, for myself, my body and my unique purpose. It means expressing that love by being 'the truly-concerned' for all my opportunities, my friends, family and society.

All I have is time. Time is what I am. And it is that wisdom that allows me to be of super service at the right time and in my timing.

'No one on planet earth has trouble with money, there are only troubles with communication and organization.' That is the phrase that I work with and that I share. When I completely accept myself I stop rebelling against my true-feelings. That is when I truly begin to produce and create the richness of my Thrust in all things. That Acceptance for myself, and for all things, allows me to become the Conductor of my symphony. The symphony of energy.

To compose is to be whole. It is my willingness to experience and learn from life and all that life has to offer. It is building from my relations and opportunities, that IS why I am here and why I was attracted. To compose is to accept and have acceptance, for myself and the world around me. It is knowing 'I know that I know,' it is knowing I will get there, and so will everyone else. To compose is to be me, all the time and doing the best I know how. To compose is to BE affluence, and simply allow the harmony to flow through me.

'Trying' can breed suffering.

Composing is joy flowing with action.

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Come and build the energy for yourself and your unique purpose.

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7004 Thrust Profile (or 7001)
Highly recommended- 7009H: My Spiritual Contracts Profile


Preregistration Prices-

$199 if you've experienced the 7009H or 'Defining my Spiritual Contracts' program.
($299 Regular)

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$250 if you've experienced the 7009H or 'Defining my Spiritual Contracts' program.
($350 Regular)

The Tour Dates and Current Locations

1. 27/28 September 08
Caldwell College, Bloomfield and Ryerson
Ave., Caldwell, New Jersey
Contact Julia Santiago - mobile 201-991-0717

2. 11/12 October 08
Contact Tom Kelly
mobile 702-806-5378
Las Vegas Center
5500 South Eastern
Las Vegas Nevada 89119

3.29/30 November 2008
The venue is to be confirmed in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area
Contact: Jennifer Feller

Please call 800-336-8008 to Preregister or for more information.