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Dream Sunday September 3, 1995 6:45 a.m:

I dreamt I was on a large boulevard in France. (Reality: I asked a friend on September 1st or 2nd, 1995 whether she went to France. She said she did not. I did when I was in the U.S. Army in 1960.) Many people who could have been students were going back and forth to class or to other destinations. I noticed a barrier on the boulevard, which caused the pedestrians to walk around it.

I then had an image as if I were in a room somewhat isolated from the students, where I could watch what was going on without direct involvement. (Reality: This room was similar to my room overlooking the lovely courtyard of Somerset Manor apartments, In that it overlooked many of life's joyous activities. For example, others are involved around the pool at Somerset Manor: swimming, talking, and playing games such as chess. For some reason I would not or could not join them: Was it my shyness or actual necessity to work on a project? Love of another? Or any extant compulsion to suffer? [Almost all the time I want to be involved, but sometimes it actually does conflict with my timing.])

My next image was being on my way to class, when I received information of a meeting. It had to do with honoring blacks and voting to have one nominee as a replacement representative to some organization. Some of the nominees had risen themselves through slavery, some through prison life, some through simple living (here or in heaven). Many who were nominated at that point in time were equal in knowledge and wisdom. although they had taken different routes to achieve their evolution.


Issue: Is anyone to be judged because he came on planet earth to grow faster to be of service than if he stayed in heaven all the time and took a millennium to grow? Especially since he knew he could not be perfect and would end up hurting other souls here? Are those who had not injured others and took longer to grow in heaven better than those who incarnated or reincarnated on planet earth?  [note:  most of the universes greatest discoveries were made in spirit {in heaven} by souls taking considerable time to generate them there first.] 

Message: A cardinal rule from spirit is not to judge others.

The theme of most of today's dream is to logically point out this principle through examining the reality of free will versus predestination.

Discussion: Many individuals who are emotionally traumatized during their first cycle of life from age 0-7, their feeling cycle, sometimes end up in jail, a mental institution, or commit suicide during their cycle of maturity from age 21-28. Some of us suffer in other ways. However, we know this may happen to us before we incarnate or reincarnate and choose to permit it to happen nevertheless. We incarnate or reincarnate knowing that we may assist others in overcoming their own negativity or that we may be a burden to them. Whatever happens, we know we will ultimately grow spiritually through the experience. Perhaps we have as a model the life of someone who chose to suffer so others could relate to his suffering and tolerate suffering in their life also (But some of us become doormats for others and take centuries to learn to set our boundaries!)

Don't judge those who came to earth, committed offenses, and went to prison or through another commitment. He may have chosen to grow through slavery of body, mind or spirit. And then, his motivation for reincarnating may not have been enthusiastically chosen: He knew that he had to choose the good with the bad, and/or he may have been confused prior to his reincarnation. However, he knew that he would grow and ultimately benefit from his experiences. For he may have realized that the dysfunction of his parents would be passed on to him and that he would not treated as well as others.

Don't all of us choose to go through learning experiences on planet earth where we harm others? Haven't all of us made choices, decisions, or otherwise reacted under some form of duress? However, don't we choose to grow fast by coming here to planet earth where we contact those of higher and lower energy?  

Sometimes many chose not to reincarnate if they were hurt deeply during a previous incarnation.  

Yet, isn't the so-called injured party acting out of free choice, because before reincarnating had he not chosen to embark upon his existence on planet earth? Everyone has to choose the bad aspects of his existence with the good. Overcoming the bad and/or making mistakes allows us to grow. No one is permitted on planet earth without imperfection. If an individual became so confused that he forgot about the necessity of accepting the bad with the good, and believed himself to be forced into something he/she did not wish, he could create karma for himself and others. Also, if an individual mistreats another for any reason, this could also create karma. Yet, our confrontation with negativity and any resultant karmic experiences is one of the principal ways to grow.

Growth can also be defined as confrontation with negativity: One can act positively, negatively, or take no action at all, which can be interpreted as positive or negative. One creates his own problem if he chooses to take revenge against the soul or souls who took advantage of him, until some day someone understands and the karmic chain is terminated.

I believe that some children choose to have a short life span here on planet earth, to take upon themselves defective bodies. They may do this sometimes to "get even" with their parents for treating them poorly In another lifetime. Of course, the relationship of parent and child may not have existed during the prior lifetime. Sometimes a soul takes upon himself a defective body and reincarnates for a short time just before graduation from planet earth to complete an assignment. He would, however, spiritually assist the parents he leaves behind.  

I choose to believe that goodness prevails throughout the universe, and that evil is an apparent aberration.  Yet, is there really any good or evil?  Isn’t there essentially just learning to respect ourselves and others, even though what is respect for one is not always respect for another?

And yet, the ultimate lesson is one of forgiveness. If we cannot forgive ourselves. we open ourselves to much confusion and can create for ourselves a living hell, either on earth or after our passing on.

Issue: The barrier:

The barrier represents obstacles to our plans which we have to find a way around. Growth sometimes occurs because we are able to overcome these obstacles. Changing one's plans because of obstacles actually leads to bringing about growth: It all depends upon one's attitude when confronting the obstacle.

Examples can be seen from the  American and French revolutions, where many to save themselves had to flee the country.                 

                                                    David C. Hakim

                                                    Sterling Heights, Michigan

                                                    September 1995, with some modifications made in Rochester, Michigan on     
                                                    June 13, 2006