Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David

by Francisco David Coll

I am one. I am the One. I am one with all and with my desire. That is my true loyalty. This is not about selfishness . . . this is about self-fullness. How am I to ever share Service if I do not respect myself? How am I ever to build love if I do not work with true concern. I do respect myself, and I do share true concern. I know this because I love my purpose and all the opportunities that I encounter. They are a straight line to me.

I practice one thing, and I practice all things . . . just one-at-a-time. This is simple because when I say I practice all things, I mean I practice everything that is within the path of my direction. There is no distraction because I am one with my Thrust and Desire. I am one with my needs and wants.

And so I embrace life wholly, sincerely and completely. There is nothing to waste because I am involved in my life and my purpose. I am involved in my service and learning & growing on this planet. The only distraction is the one that I create - in which case, it is at least MY distraction and I will enjoy learning and returning to my direction. Because that's all there is. Because that . . .is . . .all . . .there . . .is. 

There is no judgment in me because there is no hypocrisy in me. When I 'judge' I know I am no longer one with all. I have turned my attention to what are supposedly 'goods and bads.' And if I become more interested in the 'goods and bads' rather than my mission, then I will become governed by that attitude. Spiritually there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. Being strong in rights and wrongs, likes and dislikes, clouds my path. I will start living by what I 'think' rather than by what I feel and think. The solution is Service! Service. And when I am loyal to my service, then I am Of-Super-Service. 

Service is part of why I am here. To be Of-Service is to be abundant. To be Of-Service, and Learn & Grow, is to be Affluent. There are few energies greater than love and service. And I love my service. 

It is easy to feel when I am on target and when I am not. When I experience the 'isms' I am off track. When I am experiencing the oneness with all and with what I am involved in, I am on track. 

Rectitude is honest, straight, balanced direction. Rectitude is fairness, harmony, freedom and true concern in my Service. Rectitude is LIVING the dreams I adore. Rectitude is when the inner voice is clearer and more predominate than the outer voices and chatter. It is not what I say but how I say it; it is not what I do but how I do it. It is a way of life. It is my way of life . . . to build straight toward my mission. 

Francisco David Coll
Osceola, Iowa
July 9, 2008