Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

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The earliest definition of “enthusiasm” I ever heard is “being thoroughly enveloped with the breath of God.” Saying this in other ways is: 

                                                    THE GOD WITHIN 

      Let the breath of God, the spirit of the living God, fill my whole being;
      My desires be the desires of the Almighty;
      My strength be the strength of the Almighty;
      My every moment be focused on doing His will;
      May His will be the same as mine;
      May I rejoice in seeing my accomplishments as the accomplishments of the
       Almighty and live in eternal peace. 

Of course, at times I may have experiences which I view as lapses.  Perhaps I should not see them as lapses because some say that all power and actions can be viewed as the Almighty’s:  whatever we do can only be done through the power of God. However, since childhood I have been taught that not only have I been born in sin (“original sin”) but I am prone to sin during my lifetime. 

One of the major items assuring me of continuing enthusiasm is that if I do sin, I know that my sins are forgiven, especially when I review the preceding.  I must never cease to wonder about God’s creations and His ability to look after even the most deprived. 

Despite the above, it is still very difficult for me to be enthusiastic about life.  I know that when I sin, I can create karma between myself and another.  But I also know that working through karma is a way to grow:  for an individual, a group, a nation, a world, a universe and universes.  And through positive growth I become more spiritual. 

Other items which cause me misery are:  Needing a lot of sleep every day; unavoidable wailing when I have to get up early or doing anything I do not have the energy to accomplish; being lonely; getting frustrated and angry very easily; discovering that Viagra does not work if I am tired; fear of growing older and in pain/disabled/greater lack of energy; feeling I am not contributing to society; not being able to remember what I need to do and the process of doing it; not having great pleasure in being alive; having to accomplish things in a slow and methodical manner; having to list everything I need to do; and not wanting to review the list because I find it frustrating.

To alleviate the above, I focus on the following, which is also a link in my website,

                                                    SPIRITUAL GROWTH MEDITATION

My central purpose of being is to grow in love and service.  I obtained this desire by observing and communicating with others more advanced than me.  I am happy knowing I will achieve these qualities at my own timing and rejoice when I do.


      God is always with me;
      God loves me;
      I am beautiful

(The preceding is a paraphrase of “Universal Cleansing,” another link from my website.)

                                                       LIFE IS A DREAM COME TRUE 

          (A suggested tune is “Stormy Weather”) 

          Life is a dream come true, full of love and virtue, 

          I listen to the tune and rejoice in my being, 

          For God and His angels are present and loving, 

          Showing me the way to truth and happiness. 

(The preceding is also on my website as “Dream Come True” and part of “Rejuvenate.”) 

I have also discovered several wonderful websites, and  The former has the words and melody of “Breathe on me breathe of God,” written by Edwin Hatch and music by Robert Jackson:  The latter has “Great is thy faithfulness,” words by Thomas O. Chisolm and music by William M. Runyan:  Hundreds of other hymns are on these websites, and I use them frequently.  And if the preceding still is not enough to break my melancholy, I view other of my links, “The Butterfly” and “Power Derived Through Dedication.”

It was my choice to incarnate when I did, and even though I believe real choice is flawed, it is still possible for me to be involved in activities which allow me to be enthusiastic:

I must not abandon my interest in writing, being involved in the nonprofit organization I founded, “Toward Establishing a Safer Society,” working part time for the U.S. Bureau of the Census and assisting my wife, Judy, who is still working full time.  I must be flexible in my many occupations in the personal, business and social spheres of my life and especially not anticipate circumstances and others living up to my expectations.  

Lately I have found that I have great joy with my work as President of the Scottish Rite Club of Oakland, Valley of Detroit, Michigan.   I have relearned that it is easier to be enthusiastic about life if I have friends.  I realize that at this point in my life it is through friendship that many of my goals will be realized.  

To be enthusiastic and dynamic I must be as active as I can.  However, I must not push myself into depression.  Control of my depression is easier when I check frequently with guidance and prioritize my opportunities.  The easiest way of maintaining my enthusiasm is to laugh at myself when I am taking life too seriously. 
                                                                          David C. Hakim
                                                                          Rochester, Michigan
                                                                          April 5, 27, 2006