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      The Orientation Profile is a copyrighted profile administered by professional counselors trained by the Americana Leadership College  (ALC), which is a world wide spiritual oriented corporation founded by Francisco Coll, who passed on in 1999.  Currently the ALC is headed by Richard Lassiter.

      The Orientation Profile is a comprehensive profile of the counselee’s spiritual energy and the personal communication system of his four spiritual gifts or avenues of communication.  Personal guidance will be explained and the counselee will be instructed in techniques to help him develop a clear two-way communication system with his spiritual guides (spiritual helpers or guardian angels).  The counselee’s type of perception and spiritual gift order, such as intuitive, visionary, prophetic and feeling, and his spiritual sensitivity and distribution of energy, will be explained.

      I have been involved with the ALC since 1972.  I will be delighted to counsel you in a profile which I consider to have been one of the most important events of my life.  This profile is geared to help counselees understand their spiritual nature and experience the reality of the soul.  This profile is private and confidential to allow the counselee a relaxed environment in which to express his deeper feelings.  The cost of the profile is $50.      

      David Hakim

                                    (248) 651-7154

Note:  If you live in a state or place other than Michigan, U.S.A., please click onto the Americana’s website,, for a counselor living closer to you.