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We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David

A Typical Day

Wednesday, November 9, 2005.   Up at 6:45 a.m. to let out Mia (or is her name Susy Wong, my 17 pound Japanese Chin “mutt,” as Judy calls her?) and to assist Judy in getting ready for teaching special education at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan.  I felt stressed out, and as a consequence was a little noisy, because I was tired.  Lately it is unusual that I cook because of the available time, but last night I cooked chili con carne the night before (“It is delicious!”)

After Judy left for work, I rejoiced that I did not have a full-time job to pursue, such as my former occupations of law and sometimes, real estate.  I had few tears for my greatest fear, getting older.  Since I was really tired, I went back to sleep.  I was not functional until noon, a little later than usual.  Then I began washing the clothes and cleaning the kitchen, just slightly regretting that I was basically a house husband.  I then did my U.S. Census assignment, getting ready for my part time job as a Census taker for the Continuing Population Survey (CPS), an important part of which is determining the employment rate.  Afterward I washed, and Judy came home (today she had an appointment with her massage therapist and chiropractor, so she was a bit later than usual). 

I read over the word of the month, “Plain,” as interpreted by Francisco D. Coll  (“Tiger”) of the Americana Leadership College.  Since I found it difficult to interpret Tiger’s discourse, I called my spiritual monitoring mentor, Sandra Adler, for assistance. 

Since Judy was tired and went to bed reading, I attempted to relate with her.  We finally became intimate, and after adequate stimulation, I was able to perform. 

Mia’s response was unusual. Before our lovemaking I placed her outside our bedroom, but she later scratched the door, wanting attention.  I ignored her, but afterward found out that she urinated on the living room carpet.  I asked myself when she had been led out earlier, and determined it could not have been more than two hours previously.  However, since Judy and Mia care for each other (the night before Judy had her on her lap, treating her like a baby, talking to her soothingly and petting her, with Mia cooing), so Judy was not hard on Mia or me. 

Then I went shopping for groceries.  By the time I finished and went to my favorite hangout, Caribou Coffee, it was 10:30 p.m., and the staff was getting ready for the holidays.  The place was in disarray, with few customers in attendance and the chairs already upon the tables, so I skipped my usual repast of reading for at least an hour. 

I took Mia for her evening walk, went home, prepared Judy’s lunch, and went to bed. 

                              David C. Hakim

                              Rochester, Michigan

                              November 10, 2005