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 Somedays, no matter how I attempt to be positive, I cannot be.  I then make a special attempt to cleanse, using both the Americana Leadership College technique in “Action” and “Enjoy” and my own technique, “Universal Cleansing and Healing” all of which are on my website,   

Also, self-understanding works.  Francisco Coll, founder of the Americana Leadership College ( repeatedly stated that one should get a feeling for every thought and a thought for every feeling, because our true feelings may become bypassed by painbodies remembered from either or both of our parents. Many times we are unconsciously influenced by negative experiences learned from them. 

Dr. Sandra Adler of the Peace Community Church International ( adds:  

Once the influence from the parent moves into the conscious mind then you can alleviate it.  When it is unconscious you are not aware that it is not you but that you are copying what one of your parents did.  When you are consciously aware of what you are doing then you can decide if you want to be that parent or if you want to be the real perfect you that recognizes that you ARE your true feelings when you acknowledge or are aware of or discern what you are feeling.

Other resources are “Spirituality” and the four spiritual hymns therein, “I love you, my Lord and/or Messengers of God,” and tune into the positive affirmations summarized in “Salvation,” all of which are also on my website.  I would also read my composition, “The Butterfly” and imagine I am that butterfly and read my essay, “Happiness.”  If this does not work, I would review the following videos of “Somewhere over the Rainbow”:

 Méav, Chloë, Órlagh, and Hayley :  The URL is

 Suzan Ehrens:

 Israel Kamakawiwo Ole's version:

 I illustrate this short essay with these videos of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” because of the following:

 Dr. Francisco Coll, founder of the Americana Leadership College ( repeatedly told us that happiness and “D Zone” (similar to Heaven) is a state of consciousness, that one can possess it if he/she believes it to be true!  Each of the above videos assists me, but my favorite is the last, because Israel brings the fantasy into reality.  He sings as if he actually is “flying over the rainbow” and experiencing living in this wonderful world!  I frequently hum his tune and once even caught myself flapping my arms to imitate these flying bluebirds!  Of course I do it more now, since I experience so much joy in getting my whole body involved!  Some may call such actions silly, but isn’t silliness another word for joy?

 Francisco also mentioned frequently to hug yourself.  If you are a feeler surrounded by non-feelers, this technique may especially bring you out of the blues.  When I hug myself, I not only feel good but also feel chills generated by my spiritual helpers!

                                                             David C. Hakim

                                                            Rochester, Michigan

                                                            November 21, December 1, 14, 2008

Méav, Chloë, Órlagh, and Hayley sing "Over the Rainbow" at the Slane Castle, Ireland