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Bias Hate Crimes

America! Known as the "melting pot", where members of many ethnic groups and races mingle together peacefully. Yet, bias hate crimes occur frequently.

Bias hate crimes occur world wide. Throughout history, leaders of some countries have appealed to the hatred some groups have toward others, which has resulted in purges and so-called "ethnic cleansing."

Bias is passed on through generations. Perhaps you have observed or participated in the following world-wide phenomenon: An older generation member of a family comments negatively upon another ethnic, racial or religious group. He typically alleges that the group is somehow interfering with the acquisition of economic security or power, and implies that the ethnic, racial or religious group is somehow interfering with the acquisition of economic security or power by the commentator and/or his family. The comments are repeated again and again throughout the lifetime of the individuals concerned, and some erroneously believe the statements are true.

No class seems to be exempt from proclaiming such vituperation. However, the aggressors are largely young people who come from low income families, and these individuals feel even more hopeless because of the recurring comments.

The younger generation, because of their low self-esteem, are looking for someone to blame for their deprivation or poverty. When the appeal comes from a leader, collective action may occur. Usually the bias hate crime occurs because of the desire of the younger generation to please the older generation. This may happen whether or not the older generation gives permission for the actions. Sometimes the older generation is upset or shocked by the actions of the younger generation.


Parent education training, a solution for much of the preceding, should be taught in our schools. And to promote the self-esteem of individuals and make them feel good about themselves, be productive, and prevent bias hate crimes, the following rules may be helpful:

(1) Exhibit open, honest and caring communication. Everyone is deserving of consideration and respect, and needs to feel free to discuss his work, plans or problems with others. This causes others to be happy, and happy people work with high energy, becoming highly productive which in turn increases their self- esteem and makes them feel at home in their environment.

(2) Recognize everyone's intelligence, creativity and importance and his need to make his own choices. Almost everyone, if permitted freedom to do for himself, is motivated to get the job done.

(3) Give praise for a job well done.

(4) Suggest the effectiveness of setting goals and working toward the attainment of those goals.

(5) Any evaluations should be accomplished by stating the facts in a caring, non-judgmental manner with emphasis on the needs of the individual and organization.

(6) Do not berate anyone for making mistakes. This could make others fearful, and they could lose their enthusiasm, motivation and ability to get their assignments done. Mistakes are learning experiences where the individual is allowed to grow.

(7) Do not tolerate any negative, hostile, harassing or hateful behavior, especially sexual, racial, ethnic or religious references. Respond to such behavior in a caring, non-judgmental manner with emphasis on the rights and needs of the individual and organization. Exhibiting self-respect and respect of others is learning not to judge another for any reason, especially when it pertains to his age, sex, race, ethnic origin, religion, height or weight.

David C. Hakim

Southfield MI 48075

July 20, 1995



The following scenes would be useful in the audio-visual tape. Some might be obtained from the media.

First Paragraph:

Scenes of America (possibly the City of Southfield and/or Oak Park, Michigan) showing members of many ethnic groups and races mingling together peacefully, such as in the streets, at recreational facilities and\or at meetings.

Second Paragraph:

Scenes of Nazi Germany: Hitler's speech of superiority of the Aryan race and of the deaths at the concentration camps.

President Milosevic of Serbia making a fiery speech to the Serb minority in the province of Kosovo in 1987 which caused widespread lawlessness.

The killing of thousands of Rwandans in Africa.

Third Paragraph:

Scenes of the older generation passing down diatribes against other ethnic, racial and religious groups.

Confession of a younger generation of his bias hate crime to a member of the older generation, and the older generation's startled reaction, expressed regret, and acknowledgment of his fault with his repetitious vituperation.

Fourth Paragraph:

Showing a parent education class.


Response from President Clinton