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This conflict is basically about two historically antagonistic Semitic tribes, the Jews and the Palestinians, both of whom lay claim to a relatively small area.  Of course, the area has tremendous significance to both of them, being an area with ties to their ancestors dating back thousands of years. 

This area was conquered by both tribes many times during this period.  It was the desire of the Jews to take over the area prior to World War II, but with the Holocaust this

desire became overwhelming.  Jews under the guise of taking back “their land” committed atrocities against the residents of the area akin to those formerly committed against them.   

I would like to ask the Jews and world leaders, especially of my own homeland:  To avoid so much conflict, why didn’t you force the Jews to negotiate with the Palestinians for part of the disputed territory before allowing the Jews to take it over?  If this actually happened, please forgive me. 

I am not prejudiced against the Jews.  I am a native born American of Chaldean ancestry, and have been mistaken for being a Jew all my life.  In fact, to this day I sometimes fail to correct the speaker, because I owe so much to my Jewish loved ones.  

One need only view certain links to my website,, to verify that I am not anti-Semitic:  BIAS HATE CRIMES and CHRIST AND THE JEWS. 

In this link I shall include works I have completed, several of which were completed several years ago. 


June 14, 2002 

David C. Hakim

839 Miller

Rochester MI 48307 

President George W. Bush

The White House

Washington, D.C. 

Dear President Bush: 

      Since 9/11, many are questioning why suicide bombers destroyed the twin towers and took numerous lives.  The acknowledged ringleader, Osama bin Laden, stated that it was done because of our presence in Saudi Arabia and our support of Israel.  In this letter I will question only the United States support of the Jewish state. 

       I am not writing this letter because I am prejudiced against Jews.     I have loved ones who are Jewish.   I thank them for the gifts they have given me during my lifetime.  

      The Jews suffered through the holocaust.  But they were not the only religious or national groups that suffered through attempts at genocide.   So did Native Americans and  African Americans upon the founding of our nation and the Irish in Ireland (1845-1852), Armenian (1915), Nanking Chinese (1937), Tibetans (1959), Cambodian (1975-1979), Bosnian (1992) and Rwandan (1994) (Search for website, Morris and Dorothy Hirsch Research Library of Holocaust and Genocide Studies). 

      At least since 1917 the Zionist movement sought a Jewish state in Palestine.   The State of Israel was created in 1948 with much Palestinian blood spilt upon the Holy Land.   My tax dollars and the tax dollars of other Americans were used and are continuing to be used to foster the murder of numerous Palestinians.  We are perpetuating this bloodbath by continuing the funding of the State of Israel without addressing the grievances involved.  

      Possession of land under any legal theory is entitled to respect.  Therefore, when the Jews took over Palestinian property by generally murdering or scaring off their occupants, they were mirroring the horrors committed upon other peoples by so-called superior nations and peoples.   

      I propose that the United Nations should assist in the following: 

1.   Set up the City of Jerusalem as an international city-state; 

2.   Establish the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as the new nation of Palestine without forcing the Jewish homesteads to move out; 

3.   Set about the process of the State of Israel making restitution to the Palestinians for taking their property. 


                                    David C. Hakim 


February 8, 2003

David C. Hakim

839 Miller

Rochester MI 48307-1610 

President George W. Bush

The White House

Washington D.C. 

Dear President Bush: 

A true story was told to me about World War II.  Toward the end of the war, our troops came upon a German town, and prepared to shell it.  One of our troops started to cry.  His fellow troopers asked him why.  He stated that his mother lived in that town. 

The above was told to the commanding officer who communicated with the grieving trooper.  He decided that instead of shelling the town, of exacting revenge for the atrocities that Hitler performed during the war, he would attempt to obtain its surrender. This he accomplished with surprising ease. 

My mother does not now live in Iraq [I made a mistake here.  She was born in Fort William, Ontario, Canada on November 15, 1906].  She passed on in 1996 here in the United States.  However, my father was also born in Iraq, and I still have an aunt and cousins, one of whom is a physician, living in Baghdad [Since our war in Iraq, my relatives are even afraid to leave their home]. 


I might not cry if any of my relatives were killed in the forthcoming war.  However, there is a possibility I might, and especially if I do not do all in my power to legally prevent any forthcoming war. 

I plead with you.  If it can be proven that Sadam Hussein knew about the planning of the destruction of the twin towers, obviously you might feel justified in going to war and destroying his capability to carry on any future conflict.  However, did you request him to submit to the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice to determine his guilt?  Are you going to request Hussein to resign and/or submit to a determination of his guilt or to go into exile before you order our troops to invade Iraq?  Are you going to attempt to negotiate the surrender of Iraq before you move our troops into Iraq? 

I am a native born American citizen, and proud to be one, despite the mistakes we have made in the past.  However, I did not even write about our involvement in Viet Nam, although I felt that our involvement in the Viet Nam war was wrong.  I believe that any killing that is legally unjustifiable is murder. 

May God protect and guide the United States of America.  May His will be done. 


                David C. Hakim 


(A similar version was mailed to President George W. Bush and

Vice President Richard Cheney) 

I have just reviewed the peace proposal set forth by the Hezbollah requesting a limited truce [earlier today I sent emails and letters to President Bush and Vice President Cheney after the rejection by Israel of a truce requested by the Hezbollah.  Since then Israel wants to cease at least part of the conflict and the United States wants a limited truce to begin.  Therefore, part of the following has already been accomplished.]  To me the proposal for a truce seems fair, especially since it was obviously encouraged by proponents with superb negotiating skills, with a desire to prevent an escalation of a conflict into World War III.   

Obviously the former prime minister of Israel, Aerial Sharon, also had a change of heart to propose a realistic plan which would end the conflict in the Middle East.  I proposed it at least in part to President Bush and to all the U.S. Senators months ago:  the acceptance of the state of Israel by the Palestinians, the Palestinians to form a state of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Jerusalem to be formed as an independent state, and reparations given by Israel or their backers to the Palestinians.   

Of course, one cannot guarantee that such an agreement will work.  It may even be repelled by the aggressors for awhile.  But with many teams of negotiators and the grace of God, the aggressors may learn to forgive and request forgiveness. 

              David C. Hakim

              Rochester, Michigan

              July 29, 2006