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Who Made It Possible To Reap More?  by Rev. Estelle Minor

I find myself feeling grateful for more and more aspects of daily life.  Spirit provides a waterfall of creative energy that transforms the quality of time spent in a physical body.  For this process, evolved souls incarnate with the purpose of introducing helpful ideas.

A century ago, most Americans only related to people in one area of a city or in a few surrounding towns.  Print, the only media was limited in most homes and rarely depicted the ways of living beyond one's own culture.  How many people had a hand in materializing cable services so I may view daily happenings around the world, websites so I may peruse myriad newspapers and Web blogs to expose me to thoughts from surprising backgrounds?

When I consider how much effort spiritual leaders like Nancy Seybert expended in the 1960's and 70's to reach their apprentices and to pass on tools for healing, I wonder how much I now take for granted.  With the long arms of the Web and the Internet, is our 4th church environment limited?  My consciousness grasps a reality of belonging with a huge connection of people, the reality of old prejudices and barriers dissolving while new bridges link people.  Groupings with a common message can develop the muscle to change governmental and societal norms.  Therefore, these new tools need cleansing for clearer motives to prevail.

As for me, the internet allows sharing with more of my international apprentices.  When medical difficulties sow doubt or worry for the future, information from the Web empowers me to better heal myself.  Internet friendships where there is give and take contribute to my personal and social needs.  Sensitivity nudges when to type a note and in times of challenge, acquaintances and even strangers provide buffer, faith and encouragement for each other.  Also, I recheck with my angels about the internet pitfalls of losing myself in social atmosphere, of minding others' business or of stealing time from other priorities.

The most valid relationships for many are the soul-to-soul instant messaging/emailing with people only the worldwide Web could have introduced.  Just adding up the time saved in global travel, in snail-mailing back and forth and in library research to have the armchair unity and resources we now possess boggles the mind.  One decade of life seemingly now can be as rich as a lifetime generations ago.  How could the heart of a spiritual leader not feel inspired to do more?

In gratitude,

Rev. Estelle Minor
New Braunfels
, Texas
June 2nd, 2008