Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David

Intimate or Distant

A man with silvery hair smiled at her and came into her life:

Their meeting with verve and feeling dear

Caused her to retreat and he to entreat.

She, intrigued by his demeanor, grace, intellect and wit,

He, by her beauty, sincerity, sweetness and kindness,

Came together to practice dalliances

Reflecting the combining of their spiritual universes.

She, feeling threatened, retreated, ignoring his pleas of rationalities.

She, with showing of affection but not her love, fled;

And he, with threats made, anger displayed and bewilderment portrayed,

Enduring pain interspersed with bliss,

Attempted to wander without success,

For his heart was bound to her undressed.

The end is not in sight,

Their piqued memories shift with mutual delight,

Each living from day to day,

Patiently trying to mend the fray.

May God grant them the grace to quell their tribulation

With unceasing joy and love in expectation.

        David C. Hakim

        Sterling Heights, Michigan

        January 14, 1995