Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David


We are one with all things.  We are all atoms in the multi-dimensional consciousness of the All.  Any sense of separation is an illusion.   

Everything is part of the All.  Everything has a consciousness, although this consciousness may  appear to be more sensitive to others.   Flowers, trees, the fruit of our fields, even the earth itself exhibit consciousness. 

Everything has a soul.  We are souls with physical forms, not physical forms with souls.

Souls communicate with souls and can travel anywhere in the blinking of an eye.  Souls can heal other souls who may appear to be at a distance from the healing soul. 

Evidence of the unity of the All is cohesion or attraction. 

Everything is constantly evolving.  For example, I am in almost constant exposure to and being scrutinized by two pets:  a mixed breed 6 year old male poodle and an apparently pure bred male Siamese cat.  My wife inherited the dog from her mother and the cat adopted us on Halloween, 1999.  They are learning from me, from us, for their next evolution in consciousness may be to come in as humans.   

Each one of us is multidimensional, for there are many universes.  It is as if each of us is a Christmas decoration of many lights attached by short links to a central nucleus, and the nucleus in turn is connected to other nucleuses, or the All.  We are multidimensional and yet one. 

Spirit and I created my prayer in this website, “Cleansing and Healing of All the Universes,” to heal the relations to me in all the universes. 

                                    David C. Hakim

                                    Rochester, Michigan

                                    February 21, 2003