Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

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A little discourse about the nature of the soul may be appropriate.  From the Inner Peace Movement International, affiliated with the Americana Leadership College (, I have learned that the soul is eternal. Man And The Universe by Dr. Francisco Coll (Americana Leadership College, Inc., Box 428, Osceola, Iowa 50213) states that “it is equivalent to about four watts of power…  It keeps the cells of the body together” (4). 

From spirit and other sources I have learned that “My central purpose of being is to grow in love and service.  I obtained this desire by observing and communicating with others

more advanced than me.  I am happy knowing I will achieve these qualities at my own timing and rejoice when I do.” (“Spiritual Growth Meditation,” a link on my website, 

For ages past hymns have evoked stirrings from the soul, since it is the essential God-part of us.  However, certain fallacies have been perpetuated through the eons of our existence.  The most unfortunate is that we are led to believe that God is sometimes absent from us.  “God is always with us” (see “Universal Cleansing,” another link to my website.)  Another fallacy is that God is somehow not part of us. Each of us is a part of God. 

I get much comfort from hymns and my angels sing them to me frequently.  

Some years ago I was fortunate to purchase “FAVOURITE HYMNS,” sung by the Calvary Crusaders, Damil Productions, Cranbury, N.J. 08512.  (for those not fortunate enough to purchase the tape, or wish to see the words and hear the music from their computer, I have included the links to directly hit upon most of the hymns through the internet): 

Side 1

“Holy, Holy, Holy!  Lord God Almighty!”:

“Praise to the Lord”:

“Tell Me the Old, Old Story”:

“When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”:

“Rock of Ages”:

“Lead, Kindly Light”: 

Side 2

“Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus”:

“The Old Rugged Cross”:

“The King of Love My Shepherd Is”:

“Abide With Me”:

“Nearer My God To Thee”:

“What a Friend We Have in Jesus”: 

                        David C. Hakim

                        Rochester, Michigan

                        September 10, 2006