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Bliss - By Sandra Adler

Greetings from La Quinta, CA!

The month of bliss was great! I set the energy not to get involved with emotionalism over the holidays and it worked!! I enjoyed my best holiday month ever.

Bliss is loyalty to self; it’s doing what I feel with whom I want to do it as I live in the present moment – honesty with myself. It’s called the present because it is a gift to me given without expecting or experiencing guilt. The key to living in the present was not regretting the past or worrying about the future. I was focused on pleasing me and breaking my bad habit of pleasing others first. I spent time on forgiveness – mostly forgiving myself. What freedom!!

It was a challenge for me to feel blissful all the time. I had to continually check with guidance if what I was feeling was me or was not me. When it was not me I checked if I were picking it up from someone with a physical body or without a physical body.

Some of the things I experienced last month that were not me were impatience, rushing, obligation, pleasing, regret, fear, proving, competition, defensiveness, pressure, catering, revenge and suspicion. I was picking up feelings of people in my environment and people who were thinking about me. I am so thankful that I can check with guidance to get the facts so I could go back to those blissful feelings!

One of the most important keys for me was being consistent with my routines. When I would complete my daily routines I felt a great deal of satisfaction. Then when the weekly and monthly routines were done I felt a deep stillness inside. But when I did those yearly routines – at the end of the year - my life was blissful.

In addition to being consistent with my routines I would do one or two or more projects each day. I was moving forward accomplishing my goals which was my responsibility of being loyal to me. I received a lot of insights to help me.

Bliss came when I acknowledged how I felt, had the facts of where the not-so-good feelings were coming from and persisted consistently to change habits that were not working for me. I am not my mother and I am not my father. My apprentices want me and I attracted a lot of profiles last month.

Bliss is getting my first puppy! Angel is a Jack Russell Terrier mix with lots of energy!! He is 10 weeks old and weighs 7 pounds. He is white with a circle around his right eye (where his halo dropped.) I love him and he helped me learn more patience and to stay in the present moment all month!