Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David


If I am to be more heavily involved in action, I must release a number of impediments, both spiritual and material. 

Much of the time I am tired. Or is it being sleepy or feeling the onset of old age? Of course such thoughts make me fearful, and the insidious part is that many times I am not even aware of their presence. Simultaneously I may feel a lack of energy or an inability to perform. 

All together, the preceding creates a sense of hopelessness that I will not succeed at the task before me. 

Also, feelings of inadequacy may pervade my being. Or is a touch of laziness troubling me?  

If reflecting on the above is not adequate to overcome my resistance, I need to be involved in positive steps to overcome the overwhelming emotions which sometimes prevail when I merely reflect upon negativity. 

Could it be that negative souls without physical bodies, or spooks, interfere with my energy? For me to accomplish, I rely upon inspiration from my guidance. And if a lack of inspiration manifests itself, I know from experience that the task is many times more difficult. I realize that having inspiration is all I need to raise my energy. It really helps to play hymns from the links indicated in my “Enthusiasm” link to my website, and/or to do spiritual cleansing. 

Through the Americana Leadership College ( I learned a technique called “spiritual cleansing” which assists me in maintaining a positive attitude and/or eliminating a negative one: 

Think of a pleasant thought: a place of happiness or something you enjoy doing. Some meditate or pray briefly. Then charge your hands by rubbing them together about three seconds. Then rub your third eye area in the middle of your forehead with the fingertips of your predominant hand for three seconds and bring your hands together and down the side of your face. Shake your hands one time strongly to recharge your energy. Again place your fingertips on your third eye area to the top and down the back of your head, around your neck and together in front of your throat. Repeat several times. You may get chills from your spiritual guides or just feel better. 

 I get more satisfaction if I am actually touching my body when I am cleansing.  

Until the technique is accepted universally, it is recommended that you cleanse in private or in a group. Or you can teach yourself to cleanse spiritually without any hand movements.

It is also recommended that you cleanse before and after any project. 

Through my guidance I learned another technique which I call “Universal Cleansing” which is another link on my website. I restate it as follows: 

      Cleansing and healing of all the universes.

      Let the love light shine,

      The love boats fly,

      The personages appear,

      Our will be done…

      Lights, boats, angels!

      Do you see any lights?

      Go to them.

      Let them come close to you.

      Get visions, past, present and future.

      I will count to three and clap my hands [or snap my fingers].

      All of you follow the lights.

      One, two, three [clap].

      Follow the lights.

      God is always with you.

      God loves you.

      You are beautiful…

      Thank you…

      Praise God. 

With both techniques I find it easier to get out of bed in the morning. I sometimes realize that I must fight through negativity to accomplish anything. However, I know I can do this only for a short time, or else bitterness will set in. If I am having difficulty being involved in action, depression, which especially compounds the situation, can set in. When this happens, I sometimes remember to contact one of the spiritual consultants with the Americana Leadership College to obtain a spiritual profile. 

A recent spiritual profile revealed the concepts of demanding, catering judging and guilt work against me. These are fortunately mitigated by strengths that support my inner freedom, such as assertiveness, commitment, flexibility and courage. 

When I start judging myself by thinking I am procrastinating, I reflect upon “Spiritual Growth Meditation: My central purpose of being is to grow in love and service. I

obtained this desire by observing and communicating with others more advanced than me. I am happy knowing I will achieve these qualities at my own timing and rejoice when I do.” 

Also from my website is the following from “Patience: Knowing, seeing, believing and understanding are four important words I use frequently to assist me in understanding what is happening to me and what I must do to continue to be sufficiently happy with myself that I do not terminate prematurely either consciously or unconsciously this lifetime on planet Earth.”


Being a feeler, I know I work better when I am feeling good. I realize then that I am tuned into guidance and that my guides are energizing me to assist me in accomplishing my project.  

Fortunately I remember to frequently take breaks, sometimes only to cleanse mentally. I rejoice many times because with a break I am recharged and can complete the task much faster! 

                              David C. Hakim

                              Rochester, Michigan

                              August 19, 2006