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SUCCESS (2006, 2009) 

Carl Jung, in “The Answer to Job” printed in The Portable Jung (Penguin Books, The Viking Press, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1971, p.577) states “It is perfectly possible, psychologically, for the unconscious or an archetype to take complete possession of a man and to determine his fate down to the smallest detail.”  My archetype, which is more completely explained in my link, “Gratitude,” is being of service.  Since one of my chief means of doing this is writing, it is through writing that I grow in love and service and fulfill my archetype.  Through my writing I become less depressed because I am actively doing what I need to do, what I agreed to do before my incarnation.  I was assigned special angels to assist me.  Writing is one of the primary reasons for my incarnation and therefore with my writing I am becoming more at ease with myself, and in fact, joyful, because I am doing my life work. 

L. James Hammond, in, states, “I believe it’s possible for mankind to eventually attain certainty on the subject of life after death.  Meanwhile, it may be healthy for people to entertain the possibility of life after death.  As Jung says, ‘it is better for an old person to live on and look forward to the next day, as if he had to spend centuries, for then he lives properly…. When he doesn’t look forward, he looks back and petrifies.’”  C.G. Jung Speaking:  Interviews and Encounters, Princeton University Press, 1977, p. 438.   

Through internalizing the preceding concepts, and with counseling, I have become more successful: 

I have thrown off many negative emotions besieging me; 

I have more of a positive outlook on life and am more outgoing; 

I am more cheerful and smiling; 

I am accomplishing more; 

I am doing a reasonable job as President of the Scottish Rite Club of Oakland; 

My yearning for death, both consciously and subconsciously, has been reduced by 75%; 

When I do have a negative episode, I am able to overcome it more easily; 

I am discovering more profoundly that I have an aptitude for leadership;

I am more hopeful than ever that I will have success in my endeavors. 

I have greater faith that I will do the right thing at the right time. 

I am secure enough to strike out on new ventures as inspired by spirit; 

I trust that everything is and will be all right; and 

I know that spirit is at my side, and that we act as a team. 

Although I plan for the future, I live in the moment.  When working at a project, I focus my energy upon it and do not worry about the future. 

I am reviving the non-profit organization I founded, “Toward Establishing a Safer Society”:  I have prepared a letter to establish Volunteer Probation Counseling and Volunteer Parole Aide and Prison Inmate Programs, which I will add to my website,, in addition to sending to court and other officials [updated note:  Judge Leenhouts has retired, and I will have to do research about his successor];

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April 20 - May 20

A goal that you may have been working toward for a long time might still seem very distant right now, dear Taurus. Therefore, today you could actually find yourself giving up on it. This doesn't, however, imply that what you want will never happen. In fact, sometimes letting go of a dream can actually cause it to manifest. Remember this when you start to brood on your lack of success so far. All is not hopeless!  June  2009 


April 20 - May 20

You are likely to gravitate towards those who can put on a show and carry your imagination to a far off land today, dear Taurus. Look for this quality in others instead of turning to the television to satisfy this need for you. If you are not careful, you may simply end up like a couch potato all day without talking to anyone. Take note that real life is much more enriching that anything that could come through the airwaves. June  2009 

Success for 2009 continues on in a positive manner:

I took a chance on investing in the stock market.  Although I eat out less frequently, I should soon see greater ABUNDANCE as a result.  

I am finding greater PEACE in my everyday routines.  I judge myself less. 

I am finding more JOY in living. 


I am more at BEING in my everyday adventure with life. 

I am more ACCEPTING. 

I am less FEARFUL. 

I have greater FAITH that everything will work out great. 

I am more LOVING. 

I am feeling more SECURE.                                                 

David C. Hakim
Rochester, Michigan
September 14, 2006, June 29, 2009