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Welcome To David


 In this paper I will evaluate, without being judgmental, my past, present and future ability to be of service. 

When I appear to have time on my hands, I wonder if I am managing my time wisely.

However, when I examine my life, I feel a sense of fulfillment.  I realize I must not focus on only one aspect of my life, which would be akin to examining it with a microscope, but that I must look over it broadly, making sure I am not looking it over with a perfectionistic attitude. 

When looking over my website,, I recognize that part of my ability to be of service is to inspire myself and others through my ability to write. However, I recognize that I am not doing the writing, that spirit manifests itself through my writings.  I am hopeful that I will continue to be of service in this manner forever. 

I was eight years old when I first dedicated my life to God.  I am searching for more and better ways to be of service, and am learning to withdraw all judgment of my ability to be of service. 

Because of my spiritual evolution, when I am of service to others I am in reality being of service to myself.  My predominant motive for being of service is my love of humanity.  With the assistance of spirit, I have been able to live a life where my goal of being of service has been manifested.   

I recognize that I have experienced no real, just imagined failures of being of service, although I still yearn for a life where some of my political dreams would be fulfilled. 

Yet, if I compare my recognition of my lifelong ability to be of service to listening to music, it would be that of listening to a melody of love. 

I recognize that being of service is a need for me, and that I must placate this need by not only writing but also being conscious of any additional way to be of service, even if it is simply picking up trash in my environment or listening patiently to my wife, Judy. 

                                                                        David C. Hakim

                                                                        Rochester, Michigan

                                                                        December 30, 2007