Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David

(The) Original
By - Francisco David Coll 

The facts in my feelings say I am sincere, I live in each moment with nothing to fear.  Simple joyful harmony, timing is a part of me.  I have come this life to live and fulfill my purpose.  I have come to finish old business, and to create new history.   I have come, and I am here.  That is my commitment to myself to be here, and in the now. 

Now it is time to keep my big picture as my constant companion.  My big picture is simple, I am a soul with a physical body.  And, I come to learn and grow spiritually.  There is what I think, and then there is what I know.  There is what I am looking at, and there is what I see.   There is what I am listening to , and there is what I hear.  There is what I touch, and there is what I feel.  Am I interested in the superficial, or the real thing?  Am  I interested in a reconstituted and copied idea, or the innovation of my life as soul? 

I am interested in the real thing.  I am interested in the source.  That source is me, which is even better than the real thing.  I rise from what I feel.  I grow from what is in the now.  Traditional beliefs are important, but not as important as what I feel in the now.  The traditions I involve myself in, come from the desire to perpetuate the feelings.  My traditions are the systems that work for me.  I call them routines.  When they stop working for me, they become dogma, and theology.  I must remember that I am in the now.  I am the creator of my universe.  And, I am the origin of what I feel.  With this understanding, I will always have a system and routine that will serve my bigger picture.

If I accept something, or  anything that is 'out there' as greater than myself, I will be trapped in all of the would have's, could have's, and should haves.  I will begin to believe in someone else's feelings,  instead of my own first.  I begin to treat my spiritual helpers as an outside source that only bails me out of life's jams, uninterested in personal responsibility, and the opportunity of my life.  I am here with a team of master soul's to back and guide me.  I have come with an original purpose.  Original, because no one can do exactly what I can do.  What keeps me from feeling pure inspiration in all situations?  What holds me back from creating the perfect solutions to my challenges?    What prevents me from living in the now?  I am the answer, I am the one that accepts past truths from myself.  I am the one that rebels from doing the best I know how. 

Time to shape up!

I am the pioneer of my thrust.  I am the one that is here to love every moment of my destiny.  And, so I shall.  I am renewed and fresh the moment I accept the essence of my purpose.  I am filled with an excited calm.  The calm to be me and accept my originality.  Simple, joyful  harmony is my standard, for it is the complexities that will cloud the simple facts that I am whole, and perfect, with a license to fulfill my spiritual goals.  And my priority is to believe in myself, even if I forget all my training.

If I commit to believing in myself I will accomplish more this one lifetime, than in 3 lifetimes of not believing in myself.

Now you will see me as I am. 

The genuine article.

 The original.