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Our Guardians

If we were visited today by our guardians, who had eons ago exceeded our scientific equivalent and visited us, some of us would be tempted to worship them as gods. Perhaps they would assure us that they aren't gods by stating that they interbred with and/or genetically engineered our early ancestors, who could have been apes or little more than apes. Perhaps they would say they did this to our ancestors to provlde us today with human bodies.*

      A possible explanation for the tremendous capacity of our brains could be because of such interbreeding and/or genetic engineering (Science has said that we are using less than 20% of our brain's capacity). Our brains are most likely representative of a race of men who have advanced eons longer than us. Therefore, I believe that the differences in brains of almost anyone on this planet is so minute that we can all be considered to have the potential of these so-called gods. This theory explains the so-called "missing link," because if we were left to ourselves, we would not have naturally evolved so quickly to have the brains we do. Also, our brains have greater capacity to accommodate advanced souls.

      The benefits of having these advanced brains is that we have greater ability to advance in science, love and internalize other positive concepts, and change and overcome past patterns of behavior.

      I believe that our guardians experimented for centuries to develop our species with a soul/body relationship that can express the ability to love. I believe that a few earlier experiments went awry. They possibly created Sodom and Gomorrah, or similar races, where the bestial nature of the inhabitants allowed them to prey openly upon children, for example. As a result of such transgressions, these races were consequently destroyed.

      Our guardians' earlier visits, where they were acknowledged by many as gods, are shown in the Old Testament. When they left us, we felt their loss deeply and still do today with our ancestral memory.  

* Advanced souls do not choose to occupy the body of an ape, for

example, and would choose to wait until life on the planet had evolved until an entity such as present day man evolved.

Souls split to insure that enough are available for the physical bodies that the souls will inhabit. We are souls with physical bodies, not physical bodies with souls.

      I believe our guardians genetically engineered us so the more intelligent men would propagate more because they would be chosen by women who choose to have children born of these superior men.

      Our guardians still continue to watch over us. I believe that within the Bermuda Triangle is a gigantic teleportation device computerized to select only those who would have died had they not been teleported to the distant place our guardians inhabit. The teleportation is necessary so our guardians can continue to study our development and also allow the prime directive, of not interfering with our developing cultures, to continue. However, when we have adequately grown and will travel among the stars ourselves, they may again return.

David C. Hakim Sterling Heights, MI October 24, 1995