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In this paper I have written about “Security,” or my attempt to assure myself of continuity of mind, body and spirit, at two different occasions in two different interpretations. The following was written December 4, 2007:

I sometimes think of myself as introverted. However, I know that now I am not as introverted as I used to be. I cheerfully greet others by name and do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Although I have affluence, I place my protection in my guides.

Certain things have their attraction for me, but if they are harmful to me, I generally can avoid them.

To me everything is sacred: Life, especially.

At times my perception of myself in relation to security could be called blazing: The thought of insecurity never enters my mind. However, by chance, when I am affected by negativity, the thought of security enters my mind.

I do not fear malicious assaults upon my character, because I realize that the spiritual nature of myself shines and I place my trust in my guidance.

I am less careless about my work as I used to be.

I am solicitous of spirit to assist in keeping my mind, body and spirit together.

Yes, some may call me a malingerer: At my age I do not hesitate to refuse to do anything to jeopardize my mind, body or spirit.

I believe I am successful in keeping my mind, body and spirit secure.

My gains in my inner security outweigh any delusions that occur to me.

I may judge myself because I seem to be a wanderer: my mind drifts so much that when I am in the process of prayer I cannot seem to concentrate.

While it sometimes seems to me that my life is or has been fortuitous, I realize that much of my life has been planned before my birth and I am entitled to all the benefits I have obtained.

The positive side of chance, or serendipity, still fills my life with abundance.

I do not fear devastation, because I feel secure in placing my mind, body and spirit in the hands of spirit. With their assistance, I believe I can cope with everyday living.

* * *

The following was written in April, 2008:

To me, “Security” means a lot:

It means PROTECTION against negativity.

It means finding FULFILLMENT in every moment of my life.

It is the BIRTHRIGHT of being of service.

It means the CELEBRATION of being alive.

It means FREEDOM from pain so I can concentrate on my heart’s desire.

It means RELIEF from the pressures of daily living so I can embark on my life’s work.

It means sufficient ABUNDANCE so I can concentrate on the pleasures and opportunities of daily living.

It means the ability to see in all things OPPORTUNITY and not duty.

It is receiving the many daily BLESSINGS which help me bear with anxiety.

It means sufficient relief from any HEARTACHE so I can concentrate on the moment at hand.

It means JOY in doing the work of spirit.

It means the provision of sufficient NOURISHMENT of mind, body and spirit.

It means feeling, believing, understanding and knowing LOVE from and in all things.

It means having sufficient ENERGY to do what I desire, that which is synonymous with the will of God.

It means CHERISHING every moment of life my creator has given me.

It means finding PEACE as defined by John Wesley, taken from Philippians 4:7:

And the peace of God - That calm, heavenly repose, that tranquility of spirit, which God only can give. Which surpasseth all understanding - Which none can comprehend, save he that receiveth it. Shall keep - Shall guard, as a garrison does a city. Your hearts - Your affections. Your minds - Your understandings, and all the various workings of them; through the Spirit and power of Christ Jesus, in the knowledge and love of God. Without a guard set on these likewise, the purity and vigour of our affections cannot long be preserved.

David C. Hakim
Rochester, Michigan
April 23, 2008