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We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David


Once considered of little worth,

Proclaiming her calling restrained,

Yet declaring her faith in humanity.

Never a stroke against her being,

Subjugated but loved and loving,

Repressed yet not repressing,

Not reacting offensively.

Kindness and sweetness expressing,

Able to withstand without divisiveness,

Given children stemmed the suffering,

Aided by age and trustfulness.

Her patient yet insistent persuasion,

Her nature compensated for domination,

His jealously cooled.

Counteracting limitation with listening and sharing,

Praised by young and old,

Lovely and beautiful beyond compare,

Every man's ideal and darling.

Open, honest, caring and trusting,

Prone to love,

Promise of God to man.

Forgiving self and others with constancy,

Able to share incorporeal love and intimacy impecuniously.

Cherished every moment,

Cherished every being,

Found to be beyond compare.

Encouragement given lavishly,

Their confidences willingly shared,

Secrets easily kept by her.

None deemed unworthy,

Giving back with thankfulness,

Moved by compassion,

Non-opinionated and illuminating,

Seeing one and all as eminent.

A trusting and trusted counselor,

Not vain, superior or belligerent.

Non-oppugn, non-opprobrious and non-depressing,

Hearing their dreams and assisting their becoming,

Teaching self-restraint and comportation,

And listening, listening, listening.


David C. Hakim

Sterling Heights MI

January 25, 1995