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Oneness is a constant in my life. Oneness inspires my unity of mind, body and spirit and gives me peace of mind when I embrace the thought or reality of being one with alL Oneness or unity is a reality for me even though I may not understand or recognize it. The basis of my oneness or my unity is my recognition that my love of the All is central to my oneness or unity. At a particular moment of time, I may have a distorted feeling or emotion of unity or oneness: that I may not belong or cannot relate to a particular person or group, but in reality I am always one with all things. This is true even when I am at the wrong place at the right time, the right place at the wrong time, or the wrong place at the wrong time. No one, especially myself, is perfect!

To have a wholesome and fulfilling life, usually without boredom, I trust in spirit. I realize that leading a perfect life has nothing to do with spirit or unity, because I know that I would not be here at all if I were perfect. However, since I am still learning the lessons of love, planet earth is part of my reality.

I achieve greater peace of mind when I recognize that I am one with all things. This message from my guidance inspires me to be productive no matter how I feel. I sometimes want to escape from reality or rebel by sleeping. Perhaps at that moment in my life I do not see any oneness in my life and I want to find it in my dreams. Yet, the worse case scenario for me is when I attempt to cut off as much contact with reality, oneness or unity as possible when I am hurt, feel burned out or sorry for myself I may think I want to pass on, but in do, it may take longer for me to learn some of the lessons of love. Even though I know that death itself is not a separation, but another opportunity to grow and learn, I want to continue my life here as long as possible, and yet always be prepared to die.

The fruit of recognizing oneness or unity is my greater ability to participate in the personal, business and social aspects of my life. I don't need greater wealth or possessions to feel oneness or unity with others, for spirit provides my feeling of oneness or unity at little or no cost to me.

In summary, I do my best to avoid a feeling of separation. I realize that I must always set opportunity for me to bring the reality of oneness or unity more fully into my life. I realize that in attempting to feel greater unity or oneness, I must open myself to the possibilities of being hurt or getting burned out again which may cause me to feel sorry for myself As much as possible, I must never yield to the thought that I cannot learn anything new about unity, oneness or love.

David C. Hakim Rochester, Michigan April 2, 2004