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Clarity - By Francisco David Coll

There comes a point when I expand my energy and consciousness forward and realize I cannot go backward. That realization starts with knowing the difference between looking and seeing, listening and hearing, sensing and knowing, touching and feeling. If I do not allow things to be crystal clear, I will live at the surface of life rather than the depth within it. It all starts with the Facts-in-My-Feelings. Rhythm in my life is when I Feel, Think, and Act. In other words, Loyalty to my True-Feelings, Organize what I feel for Success, and Accomplishing the Fulfillment. Feel, Think, Act. I have greater joy and Inner Peace in my life by taking an extra moment to ensure I have all the Facts. When I decide to get involved I need to know the "What," the "When," the "Where," the "Why," and the "Who is getting something out of it." This is the difference between floating through life and having personal and spiritual direction.

The Facts come first. The facts lead me to the "How's." The moment I put the "How's" before the Facts I make the means more important than the purpose. I create a slave master.

"If I cannot be happy all the time, something is wrong." That is a fact. So, am I living what I know inside or floating with the currents around me? Spiritually there is no good or bad, only experiences. And that is what I take with me as I move forward. So all I need to do is decide what I will invest in today, and then tomorrow. That is why I am here. I am here to invest in myself. This keeps my energy sharp, directed and moving forward. It allows me to feel the love for all things.

To be One-with-All is to be open to the Universe. It means I can do, and have, anything I desire. To manifest it, all I need to do is be willing to pay the price. If I am willing to pay the price there is no limitation. The price I pay is being loyal to my true-feelings, and following through. The price I pay is a willingness to let go of things that no longer work for me. It is said that, Happiness, Success and Abundance are already mine; all I have to do is claim them. I need to be honest with myself and make a decision to be me, and move toward my goals. Otherwise my happiness will be dictated by something outside of myself.
My Feelings are pure. They just are. There is never any confusion in my true-feelings. The confusion begins when I start thinking my emotions are my feelings. Feelings are Facts; I feel hot, I feel cold, I feel uncomfortable, I feel happy, I feel something is off, I feel great. My emotions are how I have trained myself to outflow or react. My natural flow is: True-Feeling to my organization part, and then organized energy to my emotions for outflow. When I ignore my feelings and react only on emotion, I can become Emotional and get caught in anger, depression, shyness, fear, aggression and even revenge. When I have a balanced flow, my emotions help me work within society. But it is the wellspring of my True-Feelings that makes all things possible.

Clarity comes by accepting myself, my purpose and my direction as a priority. Clarity comes by accepting people and things as they are. Clarity is vigilantly discerning what is me, and what is not me. Clarity is seeing my life as one great opportunity, and releasing anything cloudy in it.