Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David


Since I expanded my outlook on life last month, this month I hope to realize greater satisfaction in my life. 

It is my best intention to see a blessing with all I do, despite whether I feel good about myself or the task at hand.  Because of interference from my painbodies, I sometimes seem to have a rough time beginning a project.  As I become more involved in a project, my disposition changes positively, similar to when a person is walking. 

Spirit tells me that I will have an immeasurable increase in my productivity.

If my work develops into something exceptional, I try to give that much more credit to spirit.  However, I sometimes get angry with myself and circumstances, but I get over it easily because I understand that I am human and prone to be emotional. In my first seven years I was taught to be emotional, which is the feelings of my intellect and not my true feelings. 

Dreaming is vital in my creative projects.  I become more relaxed and tuned into guidance, or my angels. 

My wishful thinking can be positive.  I believe it is a precursor of simply dreaming.  I believe it is one of the components of dreaming and by tuning into guidance I can overcome the negativity, or the influence of my painbodies.  One need only add the words positive and possible to the ideation. 

Heredity is important only that it gives one a mind that can tune into guidance.  There is almost always a way to produce when one is deficient in a bodily function, assuming an individual has a positive attitude. 

The pulse of what I do is dictated by spirit.  I have faith in my ability since I know it is augmented by the power of spirit.  I never worry about workmanship when doing a project.  I meditate, tune into guidance, have faith in myself and spirit, and proceed.

I relax and proceed as fast as I gain inspiration from spirit.  I do not aim to be perfect and remarkable.   

Sometimes when spirit moves me I type faster and increase errors.  However, I know that it will be easier to correct them afterward by using the “tools” and “spelling and grammar” ability of the computer. 

Through letting my mind wander, I am able to pick up more from spirit. 

With some concentration on a project, my mood and ability improves. 

For the most part, I will be consistently applying myself to the task that checks out for the moment. 

When I accomplish, especially when it was difficult beginning the project, I become delighted with the results. 

I cannot work under pressure.  Many years ago Francisco Coll stated that putting oneself under pressure interferes with communication with spirit.

David C. Hakim
Rochester, Michigan
September 29, October 5, 7, 2008