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Welcome To David


by Francisco David Coll

This is a special place, a special school. It is a place of true opportunity. This life, these cycles, years, months, weeks and days are all advancing me. This hour, these moments and every breath is something very special:  the expansion of the real me. It is all things that make up the experiences of being here. Regardless of whether someone is here for a few minutes, just days or an entire lifetime, it is valuable. The fact that I am here means I am a hero among other heroes. It is not about becoming successful here; it is about deciding what level of success I want to work with, today.

Forward is my inner charter. Being fully committed to Learning & Growing from my experiences, never going backwards, is my standard. Every day is a lifetime, and an unfoldment, and a recalling of the real me.  The facts are that I am one with all things and only I allow misunderstandings in me. The greatest thing I can hope to lose is ignorance. The freer I feel, the easier it is to live my life to my potential. The less free I feel, the more I carry not-so-good habits into the future. So, the greatest thing I can hope to lose is ignorance. The better I accept that I am here to Invest in myself, the better I can work with abundance and affluence, and do what I have come to do. Every feeling, thought and action is about building myself in the beautiful now and stepping forward.

As I refine my energy forward, I need to refine my needs and wants as well. This means having better discernment and crystal clear motives. It also means new layers of commitment and connection with my bigger picture. When I resist these daily graduations I will experience pressure. I may even try slowing my inner pace to the outer pace of other people. Any action or decision I make based on fear, worry or guilt can retard or slow the fulfilling of my purpose. If I continue to play with things that are not in my best interest, I will regress into the past. This basically means I will pay a high price for something I already have. That is not me. I know what I want and I am willing to put forth the energy to accomplish it, the best I know how. I know what my needs are and I will fulfill them throughout my journey and in everything I do, learning and growing from them. That is the crystal clear me. That is the Builder.

As a builder of myself, I am a wielder of energy. It is simple. It means falling in love with the Positive: the Involvement, the People and the “Accomplishment with Fulfillment,” as well as with the Spirit. It is being willing to follow through as a “Peace-Lover” and not worry about being a peacemaker. It means I am willing to do what it takes to have peace ... peace inside. In its simplest form it is not giving a home to confusion or negative thoughts and emotions. Water always seeks its own level and I am no different. I will innately move toward harmony even if it sometimes takes me through rapids and waterfalls. I am willing to get involved and experience because I have a bigger picture. I respect and have love for people and things because I have respect and love for myself. To be a master of myself starts with accepting that I am energy and then claiming my higher vibration. That’s why I am here.

All things are a means to an end so that I may grow spiritually. I have that opportunity in everything I do. I have that opportunity in every moment. I am going to make it ... everyone is going to make it. There are no greater or lesser jobs, just opportunities. There are no greater or lesser people, just different states of consciousness. Because I know who I am, where I came from and where I am going, I am clear with my opportunities. Whether there is a minute of opportunity or lifetime’s worth, whether there is birth or death, I see it all the same. I see it as a spiritual march with progress.

March 2011

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