Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David



In a complex world, much is simpler than it appears.  In a world where the magnitude of knowledge is stupendous, it is comforting to know, see, feel and believe that the basics in life are simple.  Yet we have our moments when we seem to become upset no matter how positive we are.  


I am a feeler:  this means that I relate to life through my feelings.  I must have at least a short period of time daily where I feel good.  To attain this, I find that I must shovel my mind clear of negativity to experience the simplicity of living.  For example, when I came home recently after working the Census I could not even tolerate several minutes of talking with my wife Judy without stating loudly that I needed a break:  that I must go to my favorite restaurant, eat, drink coffee, relax and read.  Judy thought that I had gone nuts!  I had left myself out by missing my afternoon break because of needing to sleep my recently developed 10 plus hours and doing household chores.


Dr. Sandra Adler of the Peace Community Church International comments upon my statement of trying to be happy part of the day by saying, “You write that you must have at least a short time each day to feel good.  But isn't your goal to feel good all the time?  That's when you know you have kept your life SIMPLE.”


Perhaps that is my main challenge in life:  Keeping my life simple so I feel good all the time.  Perhaps I have watched too many soap operas in my lifetime (although I do not usually watch television now)!


I am still learning to check out my day more thoroughly so I can be happier.  It has taken me some time to learn that I need only simplify the task before me to become successful.  I sometimes judge myself because I look upon something I have difficulty doing as a terrible reflection upon myself.  Because my hearing is less than perfect, I sometimes imagine that the worse is being said about me.  Yet all I need do is always believe the best of myself.


To attain greater spirituality, I know that I must collaborate with others and give speeches to grow more positively.  The thought of collaborating and giving speeches is upsetting to me.  However, guidance says to continue to work at these issues and as my self-confidence increases, my ability to collaborate and give speeches will increase. 


Guidance assures me that much of life is a discovery of my limitations:  My needs, wants/desires, and how to create a blueprint for obtaining them.  For example, Spirit gave me the word pink, which, according to means romance, love, friendship, femininity, truth, passivity, good will, emotional healing, peace, calming, affection, emotional maturity, caring, nurturing, sweet tasting, sweet smelling, ethereal, and delicacy.  By focusing on the meaning of pink, I am able to see the abundance of qualities I possess which gives me the assurance I need to tackle what may appear to me to be difficult.


A challenge I have is that I feel my life is stained:  that I am such a sinner that I am undeserving of the best.  Yet I know that this is false, that I am a soul with a physical body learning through each incarnation.  I understand that I will have learning experiences every day of my life, and I am learning that accomplishment is easier if I am relaxed.


My model for daily living is the following:   I can expand my mind to embrace spirit more fully by creating life in my mind and connect with the All by saying, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  [Psalm 118:24]. 

With this philosophy, a person can be happy even though he is in solitary confinement! 


                                                            David C. Hakim

                                                            Rochester, Michigan

                                                            March 25 – April 9, 2008