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This technique assists me in maintaining a positive attitude and/or eliminating a negative one (I credit and thank the Americana Leadership College ( for this technique): 

Think of a pleasant thought:  a place of happiness or something you enjoy doing.   Some meditate or pray briefly.  Then charge your hands by rubbing them together about three seconds.    Then rub your third eye area in the middle of your forehead with the fingertips of your predominant hand for three seconds and bring your hands together and down the side of your face.  Shake your hands one time strongly to recharge your energy.  Again place your fingertips on your third eye area to the top and down the back of your head, around your neck and together in front of your throat.  Repeat several times.  You may get chills from your spiritual guides or just feel better. 

I get more satisfaction if I am actually touching my body when I am cleansing. 

Until the technique is accepted universally, it is recommended that you cleanse in private or in a group.  Or you can teach yourself to cleanse spiritually without any hand movements.

David C. Hakim
Rochester, Michigan
December 1, 2008