Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David



This month I find much to be grateful about.  It feels wonderful that instead of just drifting while dreaming, I am taking part fully in another reality where I can contribute to not only my growth but also others.

I have recently been inspired to write about God.  However, I wrote so much about sexuality, since we are part of God, that I made “Sexuality” into a new link to my website,  I was left with just a few words about God.  However, I am looking forward to working more on it.

I have been able to experience the beauty of my soul.  Yet, it sometimes embarrasses me when I notice others viewing the reality of me.

My chance occurrences or serendipitous experiences have been increasing.  I frequently find parking spaces or traffic lights turning green when I approach them!  Or I turn on the radio and find a fantastic melody that opens my spirit to gratitude!  Who can be other than grateful when this happens?  They are so common that I am easily able to overcome the petty disagreements I have with those I love.

I am also grateful that I have recently completed the novel, The Firekeeper by Robert Moss (A Forge Book, Tom Doherty Associates, Inc., 1996) which describes the early American Indian culture.  Spiritual reality was so abundant in that culture that many, especially women, were able and expected to experience it to such a degree that it was used to guide the tribe in their everyday affairs (More about “Robert Moss” can be found in my link about him).

I am also able to have better control over my yearning for the more youthful physical body I had years ago.  However, I do realize that part of me is ageless and I my contributions are having a positive effect not only on my immediate environment but also on other situations that I have little knowledge of.

However, the older I get the more intolerance I have of others disrupting my desires. I find my reactions to be little less than being hateful to myself.  I have to forgive myself almost daily.  The words of Christ come to mind, that one should forgive others, including oneself, frequently.

In addition, I still have my moments of melancholy.  Two days ago I had a dizzy spell:  I leaned back and felt so awful that I screamed.  I believe I experienced what it feels like to be tortured to death.  Yet the moment was shortlived and ended when I raised my head.  In addition, it has been snowing, raining and icing up so badly lately that I fell twice on the ice.  While cleaning our freezer while sitting on a stool, I again became dizzy, slipped off the stool and struck my head on a wooden kitchen fixture.  Fortunately, I was not seriously injured in any of these incidents.

I am very grateful that the painful moments of being dizzy and slipping are shortlived.  In fact, the experiences are already diminishing in my consciousness so that soon they will have little effect upon my life. 

Yet, I have greater cause to be grateful:

My writing has become more spontaneous.  I more clearly feel the power of spirit and obtain inspiration when I write.  As a result, I write faster.

My hearing has actually improved!

I am healing myself daily.

I am gaining greater fulfillment from life.

I am also finding greater peace in my everyday living.  Much of it is brought about by writing and feeling the blessing of spirit.

                                                            David C. Hakim

                                                            Rochester, Michigan

                                                            February 1 - 8, 2008