Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David



I have before me my painting of “The Heavenly Peninsula.”   To me it is beautiful.  It is almost completely from my imagination, with some help from my instructor, Zabel Belian, who is an excellent artist and instructor.   

It is a watercolor of a peninsula partially surrounded by mountains with ships and a small town in the foreground.  Some may call my art work primitive or somewhat abstract, because it lacks the distinction of having straight lines or stark reality. To me it is my sea of tranquility, a lovely, peaceful place where things happen.  

People are not visible, but it is all about people. The population is generally happy, going about their daily lives. The attitude is that what is happening will happen forever.  People are growing and learning  to get along with one another.  They are learning useful and valuable skills, among them being computer design and software development, biology, other sciences, cooking, and especially fishing with the available ships.  

However, in the minds of the populace, the ships are unque.  They can carry their passengers and crew to wherever in the universes they wish to go.  Dreams have a reality in themselves.  No one is lonely, although some prefer to be by themselves, especially when they are concentrating on a project.  

With the mountains so close, winter sports florish, especially skiing.  Almost everyone is a magnificent skier.  Those of all races, nationalities and creeds reside there.  The awareness of God is omnipresent and the population is learning to grow in love and caring for their fellow man.  

                                    David C. Hakim

                                    Rochester, Michigan

                                    November 22, 2004