Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David



When I look about me in the fall season, I am reminded of the many spiritual rewards granted me.  Sometimes there's as much anticipation, even an underlying current of excitement about the cycle of life being revealed in the dying or recycling of the plant world around us.  Like spring, fall is confirmation of the beautiful clockwork of creation.


When I “look back” in our timeless eternity, I appreciate that ages and ages ago, wise souls in concert and teamwork with each other and with spirit have willed atoms and so on to come together to manifest the beginnings of our solar system and of our earth.  Eventually, certain wise ones willed the beginnings of plant and animal life here and shepherded their multiplicity. 


Today, you, me and all who by will enter the physical plane continue to manifest by our concerted belief, ever more complex constructs that are the systems and prevailing currents we take as givens in our physical reality.  By the varied ever-transforming energies we project, some species become extinct while others suddenly appear.  They, like in a pencil drawing where the artists can erase to accommodate another item, are the result of constant creation, a consequence of the combined will of souls in and without bodies! 


That is the power of energy focused together.  While indeed we are practicing, may our motives be pure to engender advancement without an inordinate price of pain and sorrow.  One of my angels now reminds me that my creativity springs not from my intellect but from the loving, nurturing, sharing part of me.  Similarly, physical reality is but the shared experience we all buy into, as ephemeral as the 3-D picture we see at IMAX through special glasses, while spiritual reality is eternal.


May we all be at-one with the ALLGOD,

Estelle Minor

New Braunfels, TX

October 28, 2007