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We Have
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Welcome To David

A Poem to Judy


To some love is brief, lasting but a night,

But for me, my love is everlasting.

It was love at first sight.

As we whirled each other on the dance floor,

Little did I know that you would someday be my wife.

But as time passed I became enamored of you

Through our kissing, caressing, sharing, teasing and cajoling.

Your touch was and is delight, reaching my innermost being,

Sustaining and enduring, fascinating and fulfilling.

Your absence is painful, but our rejoining is inspiring.

Each day passes and my love is growing.

How long will it last, I question the Lord,

He answers, smiling and saying that we have His blessing.

To live in the moment is my quest, and as each day passes

I express my thanks with a smile and a hug,

Knowing that each night you may be by my side,

Holding me and smiling, kissing, teasing and delighting,

Or sustaining me by your touch.


                      David C. Hakim

                                        Rochester, Michigan

                                        1st revision, October 12, 2003