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Patience (2008)

[At 3:00 a.m. on February 15, 2008, while emailing my webmaster, Eddie Hakim (Click here for link) about maintaining my website, I received the inspiration to state the following: 

Now I must sign off.  Even though I am adult, spirit suggests that I mentally recite, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take."  I wonder whether I could include this very powerful prayer in a link…. 

As we grow older, the desire for death increases.  This is why many hymns relate to death and dying, and I am not immune from this desire to die.  Yet when asking spirit how large my website will ultimately be, I received the answer, “70 x 70”!  Talk about having the need for patience!  

Since it is getting late and I have an appointment today at noon, I will keep the rest of this link the same as when I first wrote it in December 2005.] 

Throughout my website or other writings you will find words such as “patience” spiritually explained in some detail.  It is my desire that the detail will be sufficient so one can learn from my explanation of the word.  Some of these words were given to me from spirit by way of my spiritual monitoring mentor, Bishop Sandra Adler of Osceola, Iowa.  Sandra lives on the grounds of the Americana Leadership College (, which institution I believe to be one of the foremost institutions for learning to grow and become a positive, dynamic spiritual leader.  I have currently been in contact with the institution since 1972 (the ALC was founded by Dr. Francisco Coll in 1964). 

“Patience” is my word of the month for December, 2005. The fact that it is the word of the month (since Christmas and other holidays occur this time of year) that creates so much joy and unhappiness for much of the world’s population in itself should make me uneasy.  However, I am thankful that spirit is with me, has inspired and is still inspiring me with words and images. 

I have some trouble distinguishing “patience” from “gratitude,” for it is through developing a patient attitude that one can experience the best life has to offer. 

If I were to create a one word theme for “patience,” it would be:  My life has been largely

spent with learning to be patient with myself and others. 

By nature I am a feeler, which means that the central core of my being relates to the world through my feelings. If I allow it, this could create hardship by my judging myself or interpreting the response of others as judgmental.  Yet my trust in my guidance is so strong that I rarely judge myself as weird or strange, even though I frequently cry or sing wailing songs (I have learned that many songs are songs of wailing the blues, which I know to be very effective toward eliminating pain.)  However, I am pleased to realize that most of the songs sung to me by guidance are pleasant.   

Through faith in myself and in guidance I almost always find it easy to fall asleep at night and get a good night’s sleep.  It seems that I almost always place my trust in God.  My ability to trust in God has recently been reinforced by the lessons I have learned being a Mason (see the websites devoted to “freemasonry.”) 

Part of the life experience of patience has been for me to learn to forgive and to be forgiving.  From the Inner Peace Movement, another organization founded by Dr. Francisco Coll, I have felt a sense of belonging with many like-minded individuals.  This sense of belonging has been one of the mainstays of my life.  Although verbally I may have expressed a lack of faith in guidance or God, deep within myself I have always known that I am never without the grace of God. 

In all the incarnations I have had, I believe the hardest lesson I have learned or yet to learn is that of patience.  Although I have been going through much torment in this lifetime, I have always found much security by trusting in guidance.  It is as if I have always known that by trusting in guidance I will never be given a situation that I cannot handle.    

Inspiration from my guidance has been the fundamental factor in my life assisting me to adjust in this incarnation.  However, if I have not lived through many difficult experiences, I would not have been able to write about them.   

Yet, how can anyone ever doubt living within the grace of God or being one with all things if he almost continually hears the wonderful voices of spirit singing to him?  Through patience I have learned that I am worthy of and seemingly can always find love, either of myself, of or from others.  I believe that I have always been blessed by God in everything from the timing of events to the ability to give and receive love.  I have really seen this in many events of this past week.  However, this has not actually been an exceptional week. I know I have always been guided by the grace of God, even in my darkest moments. 

Many have been the gifts I have received from God this lifetime, ranging from the chief one of being reincarnated again to serendipitous events or blessings and lessons or reinforcement of lessons I have learned from others.  Through patience I have found much beauty in my life and that of others.  Because I know that a soul can create beauty in himself through his own thinking,  I have included the words, “you are beautiful,” as part of my most important prayer (see CLEANSING AND HEALING OF ALL THE UNIVERSES in this website)..   

Knowing, seeing, believing and understanding are four important words I use frequently to assist me in understanding what is happening to me and what I must do to continue to be sufficiently happy with myself that I do not terminate prematurely either consciously or unconsciously this lifetime on planet Earth. 

David C. Hakim 
, Michigan
November 28, 2005
February 15, 2008