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Discernment is the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure.  It is my ability to be aware of the different energy patterns affecting me, learning what I can from them, determining what is positive and what is negative, and if necessary, limit the negative influences affecting me.


“Home is where the heart is” is often quoted.  I have come to the conclusion that no home is perfect.  I chose my home because a woman I love lives here, and little by little I am gaining greater ability to get along with her.  Perhaps this is why sometimes the desire for sugar or something sweet can become overwhelming, so I keep fruit, especially dried fruit, near me.  However, I am fortunate in that my wife, Judy, is spiritually advanced and can assist me in my search for spiritual wisdom.


I have had negative experiences in my life.  I cannot expect the good, kind and loving moments to predominate in my life exclusively, since I must associate with others of less positive energy.  But if I focus on any love or similarities between us, it assists me in maintaining my positive attitude.


If I am personally wanting, it could be because of a real or imagined lack or ignorance, or it could be because I am affected by a negative influence.  To assist me in displaying happiness, which charismatically attracts people and assists in getting my projects completed, I imagine God to be good, kind and loving.  I sometimes imagine myself as an infant being held by my mother.   I also know that I have had a positive relationship with at least one of my spirit guides, and by attempting to focus on this relationship, it aids me with other relationships in my life.  If these attempts are unsuccessful, I reread “Happiness” and “Enthusiasm” on my website,


It seems I am daily searching for a cure for lethargy, or the feeling that I do not have the energy to do anything!  In writing this paper I have had to start and stop several times.  With the assistance of guidance, I know that little by little I will gain greater ability to maintain my energy.


I realize the emotion of  loneliness when I have not attempted to reach out to anyone about me.   Many people are also reaching out to reduce loneliness in their lives, and many are in contact with at least one person a day.  Many are fortunate that they have fellow workers or associates with whom they communicate daily.


Bishop Sandra Adler of the Peace Community Church International states that “Loving yourself will bring inner peace.  When totally accepting and loving oneself it is easy to discern ‘what is me and not me’ when in a negative environment.”


Some people plead ignorance of the existence of the God within each of us.  Perhaps they have not read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy where the purposes of man appear to fit into the overwhelming purposes of the Almighty. 


Based upon my experiences, I know that reality is more like a movie by Ingmar
Bergman than many of us would like to believe.  I have found strength in the following: Years ago when I was having trouble adjusting to U.S. Army life, I wrote about my problems to my uncle by marriage, Dr. Rudolf Wilhelm.  He sent me Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment (London: Rudolf Steiner Publications, 1937) by Rudolf Steiner (a summary of the book is contained within  It may be of interest to the reader to note that Dr. Wilhelm and his wife, the former Amelia Hakim [my aunt, not my sister] with others founded the Detroit Waldorf School, an institution based upon some of the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.  One of the spiritual exercises I learned from the book is the following:  I said to myself that I see the soul or spirit in all things.  I practiced it, and then began looking at my own image in a mirror and saying I am looking at my soul or spirit.  I then advanced to observing the soul or spirit in humans (try it on a person close to you.  The initiates of the Inner Peace Movement International [] do it daily).  Perhaps the following is derived from it:  In the Harry Potter movies one sees living images of people in pictures.


Because of my self-esteem when I was younger, I hesitated to reach out to others.  Presently people have commented that I am self-assured enough to reach out and converse with even strangers about events in their lives. 


I have realized that my desires are fulfilled when I recognize that I am one with all things and that the God within has provided and will provide for me forever.  Therefore, I do not focus on getting my needs or wants satisfied.  I just write down what I wish to accomplish and check it out when the timing is ripe.  Many times the mere thought brings about the action I desire.


I recently was dreaming of an automobile that appeared not to be mine.  Its body appeared to be patched together, but it was functioning adequately. Upon reflection and communication with guidance I learned that it was my body many years from now. .


To the best of my ability I realize that I must live in harmony with many.  However, I realize that I cannot expect everyone to love me, and for peace of mind I must limit my exposure to negativity.


                                                            David C. Hakim

                                                            Rochester, Michigan

                                                            August 8, 2007