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“Rejuvenate” is defined as “to restore to youthful vigor or appearance; to make young

again; to restore to an original or new state.” To rejuvenate, or rejuvenation, is one of the most important aspects of growth and renewal which must be a continuous, lifelong process if one is to survive. For many, rejuvenation is automatic without any conscious thought. The need for rejuvenation is usually brought about by emotions or negative influences. For the most part, rejuvenation is positive. It is fair to say that most of us have felt the need to consciously rejuvenate ourselves.

In this paper I shall state emotional situations we encounter and mention ways to overcome these emotions for individuals and groups. It is too easy to be hurt when others are involved because one’s imagination may allow emotion other than true feelings to predominate.

Life may appear painful when one is growing older. Prayer is usually helpful, but the situation involving rejuvenation may be so complex that prayer itself may not succeed in rejuvenation. Yet the process of prayer is good, because if one is in contact with one’s spiritual helpers during prayer, one may receive a message of how to more easily attain rejuvenation.

Because of emotion, karma may result from an attempt of one to rejuvenate himself because some acts of attempted rejuvenation may be negative and result in karma. For example, getting angry at another and attempting to hurt him in some way may result in negative karma.

Feeling that something is hopeless may make it more difficult to rejuvenate oneself.

Rebellion, or reacting in a way that opposes another, may make it more difficult to rejuvenate oneself.

Many rationalize their ability to rejuvenate themselves when they apparently fail to do so when others are involved. One may attempt to place blame on others. Yet, one should credit himself for the attempt.

Sometimes for no apparent reason I have the feeling that I am on a treadmill leading to damnation. It is sometimes caused by the fear of aging. However, I find it easiest to dispel this feeling if I believe I am in heaven and work toward creating heaven about me.

Thinking only does not always result in rejuvenation because of the complexity of the situation. However, when I am working with my guidance to rejuvenate myself, I may find the experience amusing.

What is apparent to one may not be apparent to another. Something may cause more stress to one person than it would to another.

Fear itself is the greatest threat to survival and the greatest cause of the need to rejuvenate. Fear snowballs fear, and when one is fearful one may not have the foresight to overcome the emotion.

When I am actually suffering, rejuvenation is more difficult. The secret to avoiding this is to attune yourself so you are more aware of what you are doing and what is taking place around you.

It is hard for me to rejuvenate myself after making what some may call a mistake. However, I must be charitable toward myself and recognize that mistakes are learning experiences in my growth and development. I must also remember that there are no mistakes in attempting to rejuvenate myself. The process is full of unknowns because many situations are different and a pattern developed after one attempt at rejuvenation may not apply to another.

Obedience to one’s conscience can result in a lesser need to rejuvenate frequently.

One who is abused will usually find it harder to stay rejuvenated.

Perhaps the worse cause of pain is that of unrequited love. However, love is easily confused with sexual yearnings. Sex is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Love can be defined as a state of mind where you feel total selflessness towards another being, of caring for that person. However, love, by its very nature, gives as well as receives, and its giving can be free. One should never forget that he must love himself first. However, sex is attraction at its strongest with the pain of rejection being tremendous.

One of the best ways to lessen any need of rejuvenating myself is to avoid judging myself. However, if I am doing what I like to do, the need of rejuvenation is lessened.

In my attempt to be sociable I may lessen my ability to rejuvenate myself. Disguising one’s actions, or cloaking them, may actually make rejuvenation more difficult.

Through education I leave behind many of the superstitions and erroneous assumptions that make living complicated.

One must always be careful not to exchange one bad situation for another in his attempt to rejuvenate himself. Giving in to anger creates situations which usually make it harder to rejuvenate oneself. Violence as a rule makes a situation worse.


There are a variety of ways to rejuvenate oneself, most of which are acceptable.

Since existence is eternal, during the span of lifetimes one accumulates many ways to rejuvenate oneself, most of which are acceptable. One might even be called saintly if he manifests rejuvenation continuously.

Caring for oneself and others is a prime requisite in rejuvenation. True feelings, such as true love, goodness and a flexible nature can work wonders toward rejuvenation.

Tuning in to spirit is the easiest way for me to rejuvenate myself. With spiritual growth we discover more acceptable ways of rejuvenating ourselves. Like many things spiritual, it is not necessary to prove that one method of rejuvenation is superior to another. Action is what counts, and it is wasteful to wonder if one could have done it better.

Through faith in oneself and in spirit one can usually rejuvenate himself. I have received different ways to rejuvenate myself through enlightenment from my spiritual helpers. Working with my guidance in a difficult situation may cause me to laugh, which is one of the best ways to rejuvenate myself.

I am always searching for better ways to rejuvenate myself. It seems I am forever praying or calling upon the Lord.

Many times I have been hopeful to find a quick aid to rejuvenation. However, it seems that the older I became the more difficult rejuvenation became because of more factors being involved in its process.

“To be at peace with myself” is my thrust, as explained at a link on this website. I have found that focusing on my thrust assists me in rejuvenation.

A thorough attempt at rejuvenation may need self-understanding which one may not be able to obtain without the assistance of another. Wise counsel is a great aid to rejuvenation, because one may not otherwise be able to find his way through a maze.

Crying is a great aid to rejuvenation, since crying is one of the best ways of healing oneself.

Intelligence is definitely an aid to rejuvenation. However, one’s emotions may overwhelm one’s intelligence.

One must have the opportunity to rejuvenate his life consciously or subconsciously. Dreaming consciously or subconsciously, while awake or asleep, is the greatest tool to rejuvenate oneself. It seems lately I either need little sleep or much sleep: little sleep when I am heavily involved in a project, such as writing, and much sleep, which I believe to be caused by my age.

Merriment is a way to rejuvenate oneself. It is defined as high spirited fun and enjoyment. However, many find it hard to automatically tune into this feeling, and attempting to find a situation where there is merriment can easily backfire upon the person by getting involved in situations which are negative.

Some of the ways to rejuvenate oneself are horrendous and may work temporarily. However, in the long run, such as being cruel to children or animals, they may cause one to regret his actions.

One may not always fit in when one is trying to rejuvenate oneself, especially when one gives the appearance of being silly. However, many relate with another when he is going through a trying situation and may find the behavior acceptable.

Working with my guidance in a difficult situation may cause me to laugh, which is one of the best ways to rejuvenate myself. Sometimes I receive thoughts from guidance that are so humorous that if I acted them out people would believe I am a maverick or a clown. However, they certainly do assist in rejuvenating me!

Many times when I attempt to rejuvenate myself I feel I am on a merry-go-round, going around and around and accomplishing nothing. Yet, actually being on a merry-go-round may be relaxing, youthful and fun. Combined with the peace generated by the music, I find riding merry-go-rounds to be one of my most rejuvenating experiences. It also reminds me that even if I do not seem to be accomplishing anything by attempting to rejuvenate myself, I actually am by being involved in the process. All I have to do is relax to throw off any pressure I am feeling, and imagining that I am having fun makes it easier to rejuvenate.

Many attempts at rejuvenation may be risky, because rejuvenation may necessitate approaching another. Approaching another is frequently risky because of our inherent unpredictability.

In an attempt to rejuvenate oneself, one may find his consciousness wandering from one situation to another. If one is cleansed while attempting rejuvenation, this may merely be thought patterns influenced by guidance.

Most of the time we have the ability to rejuvenate ourselves. Unfortunately we do not always have a choice to rejuvenate ourselves. If we are doing something we do not like to do, rejuvenation can be difficult.

During the past few weeks guidance has been singing a melody to me, called “Stormy Weather.” The wording to this melody is quite sad. To me the melody itself is supporting; therefore, in this paper I am rewording the melody:

Life is a dream come true, full of love and virtue,

I listen to the tune and rejoice in my being,

For God and His angels are present and loving,

Showing me the way to truth and happiness.

David C. Hakim
Rochester, Michigan
March 15, 2006