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Below the asterisks follows the original version of “Confidence” written for my website, in 2006.  However, through the process of trial and accomplishment I have grown in confidence.


It seems as if it has been forever that I have not had the confidence to achieve my goals. Despite my difficulties, I never gave up.  I was enlightened by my spiritual advancement.  My accomplishment was the recognition of my own greatness.  I became happier when I recognized my accomplishments.


Much of my achievement was gained by being charitable toward myself.  I also grew much when I became more forgiving of myself.


I have been searching for the answers but the answers lay within me.  My acceleration of my spiritual growth in the past several years worked wonders in my level of confidence.  Through my internalization of “The Secret” I became more secure sharing of myself.

Since I recognize that I have already attained greatness, necessity of accomplishment was not present.


I recognize that I have much to share.  I owe much to the recognition that I am one with the greatness of the universe.  I also recognize my energy and determination are more than adequate to accomplish my goals.


I became more positive about myself by my achievement in writing this website.  I did not play games with myself, although I did set my goal of gaining in confidence by feeling, understanding, knowing and believing that I already had the confidence I needed to attain my goals.


Instead of saying I am hopeful of further advancement, I must state that advancement has already occurred since everything happens in the now.


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[My former writing on “Confidence” follows:]


At my stage of spiritual development, confidence is a game I play with myself.  However, to some confidence is a natural component of existence.


Confidence is defined as a faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper or effective manner without any conceit or arrogance.


Three examples of children who stand out as models for my life are the following:


The first was a young female about two years old.  I was interviewing her mother for the census and she started playing with me. She displayed no shyness and acted as if I were a child.


The second was a young lady about six years old who was walking her dog, who was about twice as big as she.  She had no concern about whether she or her dog was in control.  She was busy being pleased with the world and even smiled at me.


The third was a young man about ten years old who said “hello” to me while he and his mother were waiting in a checkout line at a discount store.  We chatted a bit and his mother remarked that his ease with people was much greater than hers.


A few principles of being and maintaining confidence are the following:


To maintain my confidence in my intercourse with myself or others, I must be forthright or non-evasive in my communication.


When I smile, the world smiles with me.  When I cry, I do not always cry alone.  I sometimes unavoidably cry in a group, as in church, but I am thankful I get the prayers or energy of others when I do.  Do I enjoy crying?  Not really.  I dislike the intense negativity which usually precedes the crying.  But crying does alleviate depression!


Many times I was abused.  I did not feel abandoned by God, but my confidence level in myself was greatly affected.  I am still searching for ways to be successful: to be more confident and surer of myself.  However, my searching appears to be limited to ways I can share my wisdom.


Some believe heredity has something to do with confidence.  However, if I accept myself and am motivated with love, and trained to project an attitude consistent with the current place and time, I can project confidence wherever I am or in whatever I am doing.


My environment is currently consistent with being confident.  I am at the stage where through both experience and effort my environment can have a positive effect upon my confidence.


To increase my confidence, I have learned that I must plan and prepare for what I choose to do.  For example, if I do not have intercourse or conversation with others, my confidence level would decrease if the requirement of my position depended upon intercourse.  Make-believe is nothing new to me.  I find that if I understand the concept of a behavior pattern or an ability I have momentarily forgotten or find it difficult to practice, I need only make-believe I have it and with the grace of God I may be able to genuinely maintain it.  I need not focus on any standard of perfection.


“Self-distrust is the cause of most of our failures.  In the assurance of strength, there is strength, and they are the weakest, however strong, who have no faith in themselves or their powers.”  Christian Nevell Bovee.


I must delight in any discovery of my potential, especially as it relates to being of service to spirit.  No man who has ever existed has fully discovered his potential to be of service.  I consider one of the joys of living to be able to share with others my gifts which I believe to be gifts of the spirit.  


It takes energy for me to share.  However, if I do not share, I will not be able to accomplish my goals.


If I am skeptical about anything, I check with guidance to determine whether I am influenced negatively.  If I question whether what I am doing as being practical, I may become confused because many times the practicality of what I am doing may not be obvious or necessary.  I must only determine whether what I am doing is in my best interest, and ignore whether what I am doing is practical.  When doing something for the first time, I must especially find faith in myself and guidance for I may feel some discomfort.  However, I go beyond the discomfort and am energized when I recognize that I am working on a positive goal.


I am hopeful that I can continuously apply my abilities in a positive manner.  I do my best to overcome any feelings generated by any and all lapses in such behavior.

To increase my confidence and faith, I reflect upon Psalm 82:6:  “I said you are gods: sons of the Most High.”


Fortunately my exposure is generally beneficial to me.  However, to be successful and therefore more confident I must expose myself to more people.  If I focus on previous losses, my energy to focus on the present, on my plans, will be depleted.


My greatest fear is the fear of failure.  However, by checking with my guidance I know I can avoid failure.  I can see the good from apparent failure, for although I or others may judge that I have made a mistake, I know that there are no mistakes, just learning experiences.


Through faith in God and guidance, my resistance to negativity is increased.  It is important for me to find satisfaction in what I am doing.  Yet looking for anything from being confident detracts from confidence because true confidence is a state of being.  Another crutch I use is looking for self satisfaction, for then I may be more productive and have greater confidence.  And of course, this helps me if I am at the stage of make-believe.  I may also seek to understand another, but I know that I can still be of service even if I do not understand myself or others.


I know that to be successful I must accept myself.  However, I must always understand that any limitations I focus upon may hold me back, because working with spirit may overcome any limitation I believe I have.  And this encourages my confidence.


Note:  I learned a technique about communicating with my guidance through the “Orientation Profile, a spiritual profile administered to me in 1972 by a counselor trained by the Americana Leadership College (  Since then I have obtained certification myself so I am certified to administer this helpful tool to others.  For more about the “Orientation Profile,” see my link of that name which is part of my website,



                                                                        David C. Hakim          

                                                                        Rochester, Michigan

                                                                        May 25, 2008