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Is honor forgotten today? Yet, to learn to be an honorable man may be as difficult as it is to interpret the word "honor" itself.

According to Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (Miriam- Webster Inc., Springfield, Massachusetts, 1984), honor is the recognition of one's right to great respect or any expression of such recognition; good name or public esteem; privilege; a ceremonial rite or observance; an exalted title or rank; integrity. Even without being identified as an honorable man, most of us like to believe that we are honorable. To me being honorable is my ability to make any necessary preparations for any encounter; to be polite; to be sincere; to be able to smile; to admit that I have forgotten something or that I am or can be wrong; to be able to love and show respect to myself and others.

They say that an honorable man is entitled to respect. Yet, a man's prayer for being an honorable man forever may cause him intense agony, for a person's actions may sometimes be beyond his control. His previous pattern or learned behavior may be in opposition to that of an honorable man.

A man might be regarded as dishonorable; nevertheless, he may still be in the company of saints for no one choosing to incarnate or reincarnate on planet Earth can be perfect. Planet Earth is a school where many of different energy levels come together to grow.

Being right or wrong has much to do with honor, yet it has little to do with honor, for the defmition of what is right or wrong has as many interpretations as that of honor. And when one says another should be honorable may be an attempt to place another on a pedestal, as a devise to control him. Therefore, one may take the attitude that he is right almost to the point of belligerency (the "make me" attitude) or rudeness. Nevertheless, some semblance of honor is necessary, for a man without honor may later have a hard time being forgiven or forgiving himself.

Note: To assist myself in writing this, I found a website, which includes an article by Val Mendoza entitled "About Honor: Searching for a Definition," which I highly recommend to anyone studying the .word "honor." I found that Mr. Mendoza and I have similar ideas.

David C. Hakim

Rochester, Michigan

June 4, 2004