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An Explanation Of Happiness

(From "Happiness" in, originally written in 2004) 

I would like to state what to me happiness is and is not: It is not life forever filled with joy and peace, but one which includes growth experiences through which we learn to control our emotions, sometimes with help. It is when we trust guidance to assist us with our needs and wants, and to inspire us toward the greater good, or to just sing to us songs such as "On [with] the Wings of Eagles," "Cruising Down the River on a Sunday Afternoon" and "I Will Row My Boat Merrily Along." It is the ability to overcome the fear created by situations in life affecting ourselves and/or others over which we have little control. It is the knowledge that no matter what happens to us, God and His angels are by our side, and we know that we can handle any situation that life gives us. It is not the belief that someone else holds the key to determining what is in our best interest, but our ability to know from our inner guidance what is. It is not having wealth and power to control our lives and others, but having enough abundance to meet the needs of ourselves and those for whom we are responsible. And if we temporarily do not have such abundance, both financial or otherwise, it is having the fortitude with no false pride to ask for what we need. And if we do have extra abundance, we have the willingness to assist those who don't.

David C. Hakim
, Michigan
May 10, 2008