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(This writing began on February 6, 2003)
This is my attempt to set forth my learning on existence after a study of it during my lifetime. I do not make any claim that it is right. Obviously, it is right or correct for me. Sometimes I will give examples. I am writing it with my team of spiritual helpers, who will be defined within.  


Man has always been and always will be. I am referring to his soul. During this period he has evolved and has had different types of bodies, usually progressing from animal to human. Once he has advanced to human, he does not revert to a lesser incarnation.
According to Francisco ColI, who wrote Man and the Universe (Americana Leadership Collegesm, Osceola, Iowa, reprinted 1997), we are souls with physical bodies, not physical bodies with souls, with the soul being the eternal part of us.
I believe that when life on this planet has ended, souls remaining here and whose material form has disintegrated will take on another form elsewhere in another part of this or another universe, or remain in spirit for awhile.
There are multiple universes. Each of us can be found in more than one universe, but with usually subtle changes. Perhaps you became a scientist in one universe but a doctor in another.
Elsewhere in my website,, under “Spiritual Growth [Meditation]: “My central purpose of being is to grow in love and service.  I obtained this desire by observing and communicating with others more advanced than me.  I am happy knowing I will achieve these qualities at my own timing and rejoice when I do.”
 You may have some recall of the following happening in your existence:  You are in a huge amphitheatre with an individual standing on a platform in the center. Everyone, except those who chose otherwise, is communicating with and admiring the individual in the center. (See Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia (Psychic Press LTD, London, England, second edition, 1981). Most are wishing that they were like that individual in grace, energy, and appearance. Many later have appointments with this individual, who assists them in their plan to become like him, to grow. He may suggest further incarnations on a planetary system such as ours. He does it because he knows that in a spiritual form like attracts like, but that in the material plain many of different positive and negative energies come together, and therefore grow faster.
I have noted what I believe to be signs of reincarnation.  Before the end of the 20th century, I met several men who said they had experiences that proved to them that they had experienced reincarnation.  One of them said he had a past lifetime of being Caesar.  The other said he was killed during World War II, which causes me to believe that the increases in birthrate after wars and other disasters is caused by subconscious agreements between the deceased and his future parents.  One might say that the prospect of having a soldier killed in combat desiring to be reincarnated is enough to stimulate the future parents to agree to give the soul a new body to replace that which was lost.  

If one has chosen less than an ideal life (for example, death by starvation), it could be that he is atoning for creating karma in a past lifetime.  Or, he may be “getting even” against one of his parents.  Or it may simply be that someone had to take upon himself the defective body or one destined to die by other than old age.  However, I believe that a soul taking upon himself such a lifetime or body will be able to influence another couple to create for him a better body or a better life if he does chose a defective lifetime or body in a prior lifetime.
I have also noted that many individuals with strong antipathy about accepting the reality of belief in reincarnation have had a very troubled lifetime. 

When I say that we are all perfect, I do not mean that we know everything or do everything correctly, although our subconscious mind is capable of reaching the universal unconscious or conscious. I mean that we are perfect in the sense that we create ourselves usually in a common form, with its usual limitations and opportunities. Why we take a certain physical form may depend upon a previous or previous incarnations or a specific opportunity was opened to us.  However, if one has chosen less than an ideal life (for example, death by starvation), it could be that he is atoning for creating karma in a past lifetime, “getting even” against one of his parents, or fulfilling the function of being a soul in a physical body that by chance or design was created defectively. We continue to incarnate to fulfill our purpose. 
It is convenient to classify all of us as sinners, because I believe that no one on Planet Earth or in the material plain can be sinless. 

Our most difficult problem is not in advancing but in overcoming the fear of advancing, which we usually learn from our parents. To overcome this, one must relax and realize we are one with all things and have much to share. 


Some would say that time is an illusion, a man-made sense of reality based upon his experiences.  Some would say that everything happens at the same time.  This would explain “deja vu,” or a belief that you experienced something beforehand.  It would also explain how some psychics are so accurate in their prediction of the future. 

When one reflects upon a past occurrence, such as the crucifixion of Christ, one could tune into it so completely that he actually seems to relive it.  This would explain the rationale that Christ's death is occurring eternally. 

However, I believe it is dangerous to predict the future for anyone, unless it is with positive generalization, since the future is to some degree variable.  Also, if a negative prophecy is given, the subject may believe it because of the ability of the conscious and unconscious to make the prediction a “self-fulfilled” prophecy. 


God is defined in many ways.  Some call him/her/it the “force.”  Some define God as more than the observable material and the spiritual. 

If one had the power to travel to the beginning and end of creation, I believe he would have a difficult time locating God other than what is stated above.  If one asked an angel where is God, he/she would say “everywhere.” 

Of course, one would find many false gods, even on the earth plane. 


If God is the center of all things, how can there be what is called evil? 

Evil is a subjective term and judgmental.  I prefer to use the term misguided. 

I recommend reviewing my link, “Fairness,” which discusses predestination, sin (none if there is predestination), karma (one does not have to believe in reincarnation to believe in karma, which is merely a modified statement of saying that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction [i.e., if you shoot someone, he may shoot and kill you too]) and duty to all and everything.  If one is confused about the power of God, one should consider that the positive and negative power of God is comparable to a coin having two sides. 

However, upon my study of world history years ago, I learned that history seems to reflect the overcoming of the negative by the positive. 

I have heard, however, that spirit guided the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina to set forth the tragic circumstances surrounding the lives of the afflicted. 

The occurrence of men like Adolf Hitler results from the appearance of free will given to men in general.  Time was ripe for the coming of Hitler because of Germany's humiliation after World War I.  After Hitler passed on, he did not escape “punishment,” which for him was living and reliving himself being killed over and over again.  This was largely self-imposed, because many of the Jews and others he caused to be put to death had forgiven him.  One might say that this was the partial satisfaction of karma, although I will not say that no one will seek him out for harm or death if he reincarnates. 

I believe that no one is damned to hell forever, since God is always with us and loves us, and we are beautiful. 

We tend to judge ourselves more that others judge us.


According to Dr. Francisco Coll, post, 24, 

When a person really understands himself and realizes his purpose here on earth,
he is prepared to “graduate” from the earth plane.  A soul that has gained self-
awareness will become what is called in the Bible a “Messenger of God,” or angel.  These are souls who have learned to be one with all things….When they come close to a person they give his nervous system an extra charge of energy.  This is experienced by that person as chills or a tingling of the flesh. 

There are innumerable references to these angels or comforters in the Bible: 

          But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send
          in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring to your
          remembrance all that I have said to you. 

                                    John 14:26 

         If a man have an angel to whom one would listen once in a thousand
         times, the angel would show him the way of uprightness. 

                                    Job 33:23 

This author has personally experienced the power of spirit in the winter of 1994:  One morning I was hastening to the front door to assist my wife Judy in getting ready to leave for school.  I stumbled near the front door, and my left hand instantly flew toward a square pillar of the porch and my right hand hit a pocket of energy which also slowed me down.  If it weren't for this assistance, my head would have hit the pillar with such a force that my skull would have split open. 


Light and true feelings are written by this author in his link, “Light,” which is also part of this website, 

Somewhere in time every incarnated or reincarnated soul made an agreement with a couple to create for it a physical body.  As set forth in Man and the Universe, p. 29, you chose one or both individuals because you had an understanding with one of them before.  For example, you may have been married to one of them in a previous lifetime. 

You also make a contract for one or more spiritual helpers to assist you on your life plan.  If you came in to work with people, you may need more than one.
In my experience, the higher a soul is, the easier it is to have an incarnation through which one can grow and also benefit. 


A soul in spirit can continue with the sex he had in the prior lifetime, or he can change it.  He can also change his appearance. 

There is debate about whether sexual intercourse as we know it exists in spirit.  WHAT DREAMS MAY COME by Richard Matheson (A Tor book, Tom Doherty Associates, Inc., NY, NY 10010, 1978) states that there is sex in spirit.
A much deeper experience than sex has been experienced by me and others. 

About 30 years ago I went on retreat at St. Gregory's Abbey, Three Rivers, Michigan.  About my third retreat while listening to the monks chanting the Divine Offices, I went into a trance.  The experience was more profound and lasting than sexual intercourse. 

Perhaps what happened to me was what happened to many of the saints:  ecstasy (for more on this experience, see “Love & Ecstasy,” another link on my website).  It was so profound that I desired it immensely afterward.  However, I found it difficult to locate a monastery near me where I could renew this experience, so I had to satisfy myself with the experience gained while doing spiritual cleansing (see my link, “Action,” also on my website).   

One may also inquire how there can be so many souls for the physical bodies in the universes:  Souls split to create other souls.   

I believe that when positive souls split, they say to one another my prayer, “Power Derived Through Dedication” (“Power-Dedication,” another link on my website). 

Also, what about “demon possession,” “walk ons [or ins]” and other forms of influences, including multiple personalities? 

A so-called demon is generally a soul like you and me, although he may be confused.  They influence all of us.  The “Astro Soul Movement,” another organization founded by Francisco Coll (deceased), phone 800 336 8008, gives spiritual profiles designed to assist in eliminating some of the confusion. 

A “walk on” is a positive soul that takes over a person's physical body with the consent of the person.  It happens when traumatic experiences cause near-death of the individual and he feels he cannot carry on any more. 

Negative possession can also occur when the person undergoes traumatic experiences.  It can also occur with the individual's consent.  Therefore, when exorcising such an individual, one should check to see if he has the individual's permission for the exorcism.
Sometimes somewhat confused souls can influence an individual.  This is also caused by trauma in the individual's life.  It also can be remedied by a spiritual profile by a trained counselor in the “Astro Soul Movement.” 


More on existence can be found in Francisco ColI's  Man and the Universe which can be obtained for $6.50 plus shipping from the Americana Leadership College (ALC), Osceola, Iowa,  phone 800 336 8008.  This book is only 48 pages long and contains what is to me the most relevant information on existence I have ever read. 

The Table of Contents reads: 

            1.  How It All Started 

            2.  Man and the Universe 

            3.  Science, Religion and Society 

            4.  You and Your Environment 

            5.  Three States of Consciousness 

            6.  Confused Souls and Limbo 

            7.  Messengers of God 

            8.  Your Plan 

            9.  Cycles of Life 

            10. The Gift of Prophecy 

            11. The Gift of Vision 

            12. The Gift of Feeling 

            13. The Gift of Intuition 

ALC also has trained leaders who have traveled to many parts of the world communicating programs usually starting with the “Introductory Lecture” based upon the Man and the Universe.  Auras, or colored  emanations from the soul indicating the individual's state of consciousness, are usually discussed in the introductory lecture. 

                  David C. Hakim
                  Rochester, Michigan
                  Revised October, 2006