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Feeling the need to write about “Control” (see this website, caused me to write about healing to assist me in overcoming trauma I face in my life.


A sign that I am in need of healing is that sometimes when I am in our basement bathroom attempting to sing I am just making loud noises and sound as if I am screaming.  In part my yelling or screaming results from largely subconscious anger and my belief that I was born with an inferior singing voice (although I sometimes sing loudly in church and no one has complained yet).  My noise does not bother my wife Judy, since her first husband (deceased) used to yell or sing while in the bathroom.


However, I recently learned that I should limit my yelling which approximates screaming to the basement.  Recently a young neighbor going by heard me.  He came rushing in to see if anything was wrong with me!


Just recently I became dizzy when I went down the water slide in the swimming area in Macomb Township.  Also, last month I felt I was losing control of my life because I was not able to go to the Americana Leadership College (see  Now I realize that in addition to worrying about my wife, Judy, and her healing from cancer, I was worried about myself---that if I had another dizzy spell, I would not be able to take care of myself.  I no longer believe I have the independence to travel alone. 


So healing myself is very important to me.  Some of the techniques I use are the following:


Music is especially fundamental to my healing.  No matter how I feel, good music and dancing (see “Music and Dance” on this website) transports me to a healing dimension.


Intimacy, especially hugs, helps me stay related to planet earth.


I constantly strive to be flexible.  I found that it is critical to maintaining a state of good health.


The goal of much of my writing for my website has been to achieve greater peace and harmony in my life.


I am less at the mercy of my painbodies (see “Spirituality” on this website).  Fortunately I almost constantly remember that with the use of “The Secret” (see this website, along with “Enjoy”), healing can happen magically.


For years I have been using psychotherapy not only to alleviate my depression caused by my low self-esteem but also in my search for overcoming my lack of energy.  Psychotherapy has substantially overcome my depression and I can live a normal life.  A benefit of being under therapy in my search for a better life is that I have increased my longevity.


I have been wondering if I ever will be free of pain and suffering.  However, I now believe it is a common plague of humanity.  For example, although I still forget names and sometimes have to recall what I am doing, it bothers me less.


I am still working on forgiving myself so part of my healing will result thereby.


Spiritual cleansing (see “Action” and “Universal Cleansing and Healing” on this website) will aid in my healing.


                                                                        David C. Hakim

                                                                        Rochester, Michigan

                                                                        July 27 - 29, August 14 - 16, 2008