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Memorial To Frosty
Dedicated to Jenny Bonser

Frosty was a loving “kitty cat.” 

I knew he was an adult cat,  

But I loved him so much 

That I couldn’t avoid calling him “kitty cat.” 

I would hold him and hug him and pet him 

And he would love it, 

Even though as he grew older 

He wouldn’t purr anymore. 

Now he is gone but not forgotten. 

I will join him someday. 

In the meantime I will release him  

So he can grow. 

We could have given him a good funeral 

And invited the neighbors 

Who loved him also. 

But I can’t claim him 

Because I would cry more. 

I am sure he understands 

For I know he is happy. 

David C. Hakim
Oak Park
, Michigan



I wrote the attached poem years ago in 1987.  I rewrote it today (October 2, 2008) word for word from its original handwritten copy.

I was then married to Jenny's mother, Pat.  I felt the poem was too sentimental for I felt the same way also. 

Jenny came in one day and noticed that we had neglected Frosty.  Since she assisted in running a pet store, she recognized that Frosty was very ill.  She rushed him to a veterinarian after bawling us out. 

Another reason I did not publish it to date was because I felt guilty about Frosty’s death.

 At that time Pat and I were living in poverty because I had quit my job with the IRS and was still recovering from my surgery from cancer, although the operation was performed in 1983.

 Frosty died at the veterinarians and was cremated.

 I then wrote the poem in minutes and read it to Jenny while she was still crying.