Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

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I have worked with spiritual guidance, the Americana Leadership College and affiliated movements such as the Inner Peace Movement and theAstrosoul Movement (see and for years to develop the following healing, which can be made silently, orally, or with chanting: 

Cleansing and healing of all the universes.
Let the love
light shine,
The love boats fly,
The personages appear,
Our will be done…
Lights, boats, angels!
Do you see any lights?
Go to them.
Let them come close to you.
Get visions, past, present and future.
I will count to three to give you the energy to follow your lights.
One, two, three
Angels, go to the souls who have passed on.   Tell them that they passed on, it is the year 2015 [use the current year], and they want to take them to a place of peace because they love them very much.   Tell them that I will count to three and this will give them the energy to follow their lights.  One, two, three.   
God is always with you.
God loves you.
You are beautiful…
Thank you…
Praise God.

Then go around the earth imagining your hands to be large enough to embrace it gently. First go counterclockwise and then clockwise, depending upon which hemisphere you are in, until it feels right. For example, if you are in the western hemisphere, you would first go counterclockwise. Finally scoop away any negative energy you still detect.

* * * * *

[The following is a partial explanation of the above]

I will take each sentence and/or grouping of words and explain it: 

Cleansing and healing of all the universes: 
Upon saying these words I am requesting all angels available to come to my assistance in causing this cleansing and healing of all the universes. It cannot be done without them, especially without those angels who are trained to contact other universes.

The above developed from my education that there exists infinite universes where there may be multiple soul and body existences of each of us. However, usually no exact duplicates of each of us exist. 

When I first learned of multiple universes, I was concerned about the duplicates of me. Yet, I have recently realized that they are not exact duplicates. Within each universe each individual has his own background and perspective of the universe. 

I was concerned about the traps or mistakes other so-called versions of  myself may fall into. Yet, I am still learning that there are no traps or mistakes, that they are just learning experiences where an individual and ultimately a universe or universes grow. I am also still learning, especially as I grow older, that life is easier if I trust my guidance and realize that everything is all right. I have the ability with the assistance of my guidance to grow every day and be equal to the tasks ahead of me. With their guidance I also know my limitations, and, if necessary, how to get around them or to get others to assist me.

Let the love light shine:

I have learned through the Inner Peace Movement that the color yellow represents love. But I have also learned that love can be expressed with all the colors of the rainbow. Here I would image all universes to be bathed in the colors of the rainbow, each color having its own healing power. 

The love boats fly: 

For years I have always enjoyed watching the former television series, “The Love Boat,” so when I was communicating with my guidance and receiving images of the show from my guidance it checked out that part of the healing should include a reference to having souls go aboard a boat to obtain love from their guidance and other souls. This can happen when souls with physical bodies and other souls fall asleep or pass on. They can choose to begin their heavenly, revitalizing and educational experiences in D zone (which begins at a distance of 15 miles from planet earth) almost immediately on aboard a ship of their choosing.

The personages appear:

I am requesting any available masters, angels or spiritual guides to come to our assistance.
Generally they do upon anyone’s request. They man the ships, escort souls in and out of all zones, or are in place in D zone when souls arrive as mentioned above.
Call them official greeters---they are pleased to be of service.

Our will be done:

By this statement we are expressing our recognition that we are all agents and part of God mandating this healing (of course, any souls refusing this healing have the free will to do so).

Lights, boats, angels! 

This is a summary of the preceding requests and a call for further action. 

Do you see any lights? 

This is a primarily a request for confused souls to search for the lights, or their spiritual helpers or guardian angels. This is also the beginning of the fundamental steps of trance healing. As noted by the Gospels of Christ, confused souls are virtually everywhere and can affect each of us much of the day. The souls may have seen or avoided the lights before but have not essentially recognized them for what they are. 

Go to them.

Let them come close to you. 

We are asking the confused souls to go to the lights and let them come close to them so they can recognize the lights for what they are: Their spiritual helpers have been with them for eons of time. At close range the souls are profoundly affected by their helpers’ energy. In my opinion the most powerful words for this healing are to direct the confused souls to allow their lights to get close to them, for by this contact the spiritual helpers can lead the soul to D zone.

Get visions, past, present and future:

This assists the confused soul in knowing where he has been (the cause of his passing on) and is now a soul who has contact with his helpers who will shortly lead him to D zone.

I will count to three to give you the energy to follow your lights.

One, two, three.

Follow the lights.

The previous four lines are the directive for the confused souls to follow the lights to D zone.

God is always with you:

The confused souls are being informed that God is always with them as He has always been.

God loves you:

The confused souls are being informed that God loves them, as He or the All always has.

You are beautiful:

The confused souls are told that they are beautiful. If they have not understood, seen, known or felt themselves to be beautiful before, this statement should cause them to recognize their beauty now. They may now see themselves as actually beautiful. Also, everyone hearing or giving the healing could also be affected by it.

Thank you:

This is primarily thanks to the spiritual guides for their assistance but for whom the healing would not have been successful.

Praise God:

This is not only an acknowledgement of the importance of God, or the All, in this healing, but also recognizes the number of souls who have healed others and also those who have been healed. The number may be communicated to you then.

David C. Hakim, Doctor of Divinity
Rochester, Michigan
April 15, 2015