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Overcoming Negativity

Set goals: Plan, execute and implement them. As much as possible, do not contemplate negativity. If you must contemplate it, imagine a solution to it. If you cannot escape it, go to a 12 step group, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, and/or a prayer group and have as many individuals as possible pray for you (imagine the best for you) and respectfully touch you.

     Imagine a large tent covering the area you are in. If you wish, make it translucent. Imagine it to be portable and able to move at your command (You may request it to follow you). Imagine it sheltering you from negativity wherever you go. Make it as fancy as you wish. Imagine it enclosing any shelter you are in, or creating a shelter for you. If you are more comfortable, imagine it to be a small translucent tent containing just yourself.

     Be aware of the presence of God and/or your spiritual helpers and talk to Him/Her/them. Imagine what He/She/they look like. Especially see Him/Her/them as smiling at you and loving you. If you cannot hear Him/Her/them, imagine Him/Her/them communicating with you in images, feelings. and/or inner knowing. Imagine Him/Her/them touching you. Don't be surprised if He/She/they cause you to laugh. Laughter, especially laughing at yourself when you expect everything to be perfect and/or are making a "big deal" about anything, is an excellent way to change your life for the better. Trust that with His/Her/their assistance, you will be able to overcome negativity in your life. REMEMBER, IF THE MESSAGE IS NOT POSITIVE, IT IS NOT HIM/HER/THEM. JUDGING YOURSELF AND OTHERS DOES NOT COME FROM SPIRIT.

      Ask Him/Her/them to continuously aid you in your endeavors, and thank Him/Her/them morning, noon and night. Plan ahead, but when working on any opportunity, concentrate exclusively upon it (Of course, remember to be flexible). If you devote at least part of your daily endeavors to the work of the Spirit, you may discover that life will become more and more positive.

     Mentally cleanse by imagining a remarkable rainbow across the sky. Let it come to you and imagine each color, including white, painting every aspect of your environment, even the air and especially yourself. Periodically picture any area, including the universe(s), bathed in these colors. Request any negativity to leave you. Imagine water flowing over you and/or the grace of God flowing through you and touching every aspect of your environment. You could say, "I cleanse myself with the power of the Holy Spirit. and every day in every way I am doing better and better."

Light incense and/or a candle. Play music that uplifts you.

Especially remember that confronting negativity positively enables you to grow, and that nothing is

beyond what you can handle with the help of Him/Her/them.

David C. Hakim

Sterling Heights, Michigan September 1, 1995