Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David


September 1st of each year begins the Spiritual New Year as followed by people involved with the movements such as the Americana Leadership College ( and others founded by the late Dr Francisco Coll.  It is appropriate, then, that my word from spirit for the month of September, 2008 is “Expansion.” 

Upon beginning this paper, I am pensively examining the inspiration I receive from my guidance and changing all words which have a negative meaning to a positive. 

I know that by holding myself open to the power of spirit, I will find fulfillment in all that I desire.  Many opportunities are open to me.  I must prioritize.  I will have the awareness I need to see everything in a positive light. 

I express my appreciation to spirit to all that it provides.  I will work this month as if the energy I need to accomplish the opportunities open to me will be provided.   No one activity will dominate this month, since I am involved in so many.  Organization will be the challenge.  

I am hopeful that the accomplishment of all my goals will be successful.  My desire, as usual, will be to be successful in all I endeavor.   

To some degree, events and opportunities will be predictable.  For the rest, I need only trust that spirit will provide the means to make the right choices.  The right words will be provided when I need them so I will not be rendered speechless. 

I know that what I do is meaningful in relation to the universe. 

I know I will not have to try to be inspiring---that my being will be cloaked with inspiration. 

I understand that heaven is a universal concept which can be realized here on earth and is not only a place I long for when I pass on (for more on “Heaven,” see my website,   

Since I have as yet not been able to fully compile a list of what I desire to accomplish, and that some items will not be revealed until later, I will be searching for that which has meaning to me. 

David C. Hakim
Rochester, Michigan
August 30, September 14, 2008