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Welcome To David

Where Are You, My Love?


Where are you, my love?

I wait for you, dreaming about you,

Waiting for you to come back into my life.


I know your excursion is of short duration,

But I pine for you and miss you.

I look forward to holding you in my arms again

While we smile at each other, tease each other,

And feel secure with one another.


In the background the cat is meowing,

He has already eaten,

Yet he still jumps up and demands attention from me.


He reminds me of you, persistently seeking love.

I pet him, and he goes off to do other things.

Is he any different from you and me?

We look toward each other for nourishment

Which makes the mundane tasks of life more pleasant.


Many times we say we love each other,

And with this love we go on facing the world

With renewed enthusiasm and vitality.



David C. Hakim

Rochester, Michigan