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Loving is a learning process.  All my life loving and to be loved appeared to occupy much of my time daytime and nighttime.  I hopefully and yearningly aspired to love and be love.  When I considered myself to be hopelessly in love, I was not really loving.     This love was merely attraction.  However, I could justifiably consider an object of love fascinating.   

I found that true love has a cadence.  It is based upon a step by step process of self understanding and understanding of others.   

Because I must genuinely love myself first before I can love another, some may call love selfish.  Yet love is selfless, since actual loving is a state of mind  and not an emotion.   Love cannot truly be learned by education but only through experience.  If I say that I have discovered myself to be in love, I might have just been attracted to another.  Genuine love is not lost or relative.  It is based upon the principle of caring. 

At the earliest age I recall, I was hopeful of being in love.  Yet, this was actually a self centered love or attraction.  To be actually loving, I would never say I was blindly in love.   However, I can be motivated to love or not to love depending upon my openness to myself and others. 

                              David C. Hakim

                              Rochester, Michigan

                              August 4, 2004