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The following paragraph (with minor additions) is taken from "Discernment" in

Based upon my experiences, I know that reality is more like a movie by Ingmar Bergman or "Twilight Zone" than many of us would like to believe.  I have found strength in the following: Years ago when I was having trouble adjusting to U.S. Army life, I wrote about my problems to my uncle by marriage, Dr. Rudolf Wilhelm.  He sent me Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment (London: Rudolf Steiner Publications, 1937) by Rudolf Steiner (a summary of the book is contained within  It may be of interest to the reader to note that Dr. Wilhelm and his wife, the former Amelia Hakim [my aunt, not my sister] with others founded the Detroit Waldorf School, an institution based upon some of the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.  One of the spiritual exercises I learned from the book is the following:  I said to myself that I see the soul or spirit in all things.  I practiced it, and then began looking at my own image in a mirror and saying I am looking at my soul or spirit.  I then advanced to observing the soul or spirit in humans (try it on a person close to you.  The initiates of the Inner Peace Movement International [] do it daily).  Perhaps the following is derived from it:  In the Harry Potter movies one sees living images of people in [moving] pictures. 

Images in photographs and videos become more life-like when you say to yourself that you can see their souls or spirit.  You may use pictures of former President Bill Clinton (the image of President Clinton blushes easily).  When you convey to these images [photos, pictures and videos] that you know they actually exist they become more life-like, holographic or three-dimensional.  They come from an "earlier" time, yet they are "present" in our time! 

There is no pain or suffering for them.  Since they are part of God as you are part of God, they are aware of you and you of them and yet their space is still unlimited!  They are not limited to the photo, picture or video.  These real individuals are present temporarily on the photo, picture or video, for the lifetime of the photo, picture or video, but their real life span is infinite, as is ours. 

Each photo, picture or video is the creation of another universe and are separate and distinct.   Any communication from one universe to the other is actual (usually using ESP).  However, the separate images of each video frame when running as a video blend together to create a unified whole.  Of course, the so-called other "real" universes that exist simultaneously with ours also can communicate with ours by ESP as can the "All" of existence. 

As with all souls, soul travel is easy for them and the souls are eternal, stemming from the original souls.   

This duplication of souls is not capturing or removing them from the original host.  Photos, pictures and videos are a very cheap way to create duplicate expressions or souls of people, places or things.

David C. Hakim                                                                                 Rochester, Michigan                                                                                    October 17, 29, November 13, 2009