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We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

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My definition of “Heaven” is any place of complete bliss, delight and peace which is attainable here and hereafter.   

I believe “Heaven” is the focus of most inhabitants of our universes. However, it should be recognized as much as a state of consciousness than solely as a place that most of us desire after we pass on.  Heaven is created by thought and desire.  One can have heaven here on earth by having an enthusiastic, passionate and loving interest in daily living.  Restrictions are caused only by an inability to adapt to life around you.  

Many of us after cleansing spiritually (see the spiritual cleansing technique taught by the Inner Peace Movement in “Action” in my website, frequently return to heaven when we sleep or daydream to get inspiration for the new day.   

When I pass on and go to heaven, I know that I will be proceeding through an aisle flanked by angels singing tunes such as Gustave Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 in C minor (“Resurrection”) or Ralph Manuel’s Alleluia.  Almost anyone can set up such a welcoming in advance.   

Time spent in heaven before or after we pass on can be involved with the meeting of loved ones, learning and other details mentioned in “The Heavenly Peninsula” on my website.  I do not anticipate boredom.  Scenic vistas and other places are abundant, since many choose to have ethereal representations of earth.  Most anything you seek you shall find in heaven.  Like planet Earth, it is created by the combined thought of many souls.  See, for example, for a printing of Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia (Psychic Press LTD, London, England, second edition, 1981. 

 I have always wondered why I have had so many incarnations.  We need not be forever in heaven.  We have choices and spirit informs me that my desire to be of service overwhelms any pain I have of breaking away from “the good life” of heavenly existence. 

Heaven is accessible to everyone.  However, unless one’s energy is refined, one would not be able to visit the higher realms without assistance of a soul with high energy. 

Love is the paramount distinction of heaven. 

Sharing is universal in heaven because there is no limitation to abundance. 

Every opportunity is provided for growth.  

A signature of heaven is fulfillment 

Dr. Sandra Adler of the Peace Community Church International ( states that 

You choose to incarnate (or not) because you have free will.  One chooses to come back again to grow spiritually (to be of service to oneself) and to be of service to others.
Everything in the universe is energy and we are like magnets attracting to us what we think.  I believe that when we pass on nothing changes except we no longer have physical bodies.  We will still be thinking and feeling the way we did on Planet Earth.  Like attracts like. 
So if I am a bully, belligerent, bigoted and blind to my habits I will vibrate to other souls who are also like that.  Religion calls that hell.  We call it B-Zone.  If I am argumentative when I pass on and am still competing, confused, cautious and intellectual I will go where other souls are like that.  Religion calls this place purgatory and we call it C-Zone or limbo.
If, when I pass on, I have mastered my life's thrust and feel peace and harmony and become all loving, caring, understanding, patient, non-judgmental, forgiving, decisive, directed and delightful I will go where others are like that.  These are souls we call masters or angels or high souls.  This is what religion calls heaven and we call D-Zone. 
That is why it is so important to grow spiritually while we are here on earth by releasing concepts that do not work for us and discovering who we really are.  The clearer I become before I pass on the clearer will be the place I will vibrate to.
That is why I love SMP [Spiritual Monitoring Plan] so much.  I learn a technique where I communicate with my angels and bypass my intellect - the monthly projection technique.  As I develop a clear 50/50 communication with my guidance I will have that when I pass on.  I want to go where my angels are when I die.  So I have to think like an angel to become one.


                                                David C. Hakim

                                                Rochester, Michigan

                                                September 9, 2008