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(an unfinished essay) 

This is called “an unfinished essay” because I had other scenarios or dialogues worked through in meditation with my spiritual helpers.  However, spirit temporarily chose not to assist me with them at that moment.  Upon later meditation, spirit requested me to add other writers’ discussion and dialogues.  (Dear readers and contributors:  You may add to any part of this essay.  Just copy it on Microsoft Word, make your changes, attach it to and email it to me.  Please email me at  I realize that the dialogue may be personal, but if the author desires it, I can include the dialogue anonymously.)


Part I:  Using the terminology, “I love you, my Lord,” which was my first attempt at writing this essay:

My first attempt at writing this paper was entitling it, “I love you, my Lord.”  To this previous title, Dr. Sandra Adler, who is also a contributor below, comments as follows:

My belief is that there is no God outside of me.  I am God, the creator of my universe.  There is no greater or lesser than me.  I and everything in the universe are one.  Your essay is about a God outside of you - what religion teaches us.

An example of the simplicity of the above is the following:  I witnessed a young student stabbing at another with a pencil.  For some reason the aggressor was angry, crossed the room carrying a pencil, spoke to the other student briefly and stabbed him in the arm with it.  Of course the student being stabbed was in pain, but so was the aggressor, because it was as if he had injured himself.  When I pointed him out to the authorities, he seemed relieved that he was not getting away with his conduct.

I also sometimes connect with my guidance saying "I love you, my Lord."   My guidance expresses their toleration of my use of these words, since God is not limited to them.  Each of us is a limitless and inseparable part of God and is God (see Dr. Adler’s quotations in “Spirituality” on this website,

God is sometimes characterized as a circle, since it has no beginning and no end.  Perhaps all matter and energy and anything else that exists is somehow superimposed upon this circle.

In addition to Dr. Adler's statement, I can imagine someone saying the following:
I do not perceive an emotional God, a blaming, punishing God or a rewarding God, who is "pleased" or "disappointed" with us.  There is no "personal" aspect to God, as we know such things.  "He" ("It?) is so far elevated, all knowing and beyond personal characteristics that I have difficulty in relating with Him.  It might be characterized, for comparison, as a single atom of copper having a direct relationship with the statue of liberty which it happens to be a part of.

I respond to the above by stating the following:  

First, the difficulty one encounters in daily living: 


Re: When the going gets tough...

Posted by ESC on October 21, 2001

In Reply to: Re: The tough get going posted by R. Berg on October 21, 2001


I wanted to know what does the phrase,

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going" means. Actually I understood the first part of it. But the second part "the tough gets going" is not clear to me. What does the word "tough" stand for, here? Does it mean "brave", "bold", "determined" or something like that?

Any answer is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, it means precisely those things--brave, bold, determined . . . rugged, strong, indomitable. The saying goes ". . . the tough GET going": "tough" functions as a plural noun here. Those who are tough (strong) get going: they spring into action to meet whatever challenge is making things tough (difficult).

WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING - "When the situation gets critical, those who aren't weak-willed work harder and never give up. The proverb is attributed to Joseph P. Kennedy (1888-1969), the father of (U.S.) President John F. Kennedy. It was recently popularized by Billy Ocean's song 'When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going' (1986). The saying is found in varying forms. When the times are tough, the tough see opportunities." From "Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings" by Gregory Y. Titelman (Random House, New York, 1996).

My response when things get difficult would be to do the following first:  I try to be “cool, calm and collected.”  I tune into guidance and plan my adventure with destiny one step at a time.  Perhaps I would prepare another dialogue in writing!  I am always surprising myself by what I pick up from guidance when I am spiritually cleansed!

Second, would it be pretentious of me to say to another, "I love you, my Lord"?  It would place the relationship in another dimension.  It would remind us that we are all equals.  However, a simple “I love you” should always be adequate. 

Third, am I really so insignificant when compared with the Almighty?  An atom with awareness may have some idea of God.  He may even see his relationship with God or the All, as contributing to He/She/Its essence.  We do much in the universe through, by and with God.

Finally, an atom of any substance is an integral part of the structure, of the All.  I believe I define God when I mention "The Lonely Planet" (more on this below), "The Secret" and “The Force." 


Part of this essay is a dialogue between me and my true self, my creator, and/or my angels or Messengers of God.    It can be used as a format for your dialogue, whether or not you wish it published on my website.  However, do not accept a negative dialogue because it can be influenced by your painbodies (see Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth:  Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Paperback:  Namaste Publishing Book, Plume, Penguin Group [USA], N.Y., N.Y., 2008.  A review of “A New Earth” is also part of this website:  Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" (Review) - By Kelly Pierce.)

To speed your positive disposition, review the spiritual cleansing techniques in “Action” or “Enjoy,”  recite the prayer in “Universal Cleansing and Healing” and/or viewing your spirit in a mirror and saying you see it (as described in “Discernment”), all of which are this website.

You may also wish to review a new addition to this website, “Dealing with Melancholy.”

I had originally thought of naming this essay, “I love God,” but I named it “I love you, my Lord” and lately, “I love you, my Lord and/or Messengers of God” because this expression is more personal and hopefully more conducive to getting others to add to this essay.  For example, since everyone is God, anyone is capable of or is in the process of learning to exhibit affection and tenderness toward oneself and others.  If one can truly feel a love of God, he will certainly love himself and the universe(s) and bring about greater happiness for himself/herself.

For some of us, it is easier to generate a love of God if we can believe and feel that He/She/it is a benefactor.  Knowing the possibilities of “The Secret” (also see the essay of that name on this website), we are rewarded when we believe and feel that God is good, kind and loving.


One of the most outstanding works of fiction which promotes a belief that God truly loves us is “The Lonely Planet,” a short story within The Best of Murray Leinster (Edited and with an Introduction by J. J. Pierce:  A Del Rey Book published by Ballantine Books, Random House, New York, N.Y., 1978, p 274 [originally published in Thrilling Wonder Stories, Standard Magazines, Inc., December, 1949]).   The planet manages to convince people to live on it.  The lonely planet can be said to represent God:   Everything can be granted to he who asks.  Things can literally “Fall into one’s lap.”

The creature which was Alyx [the name of the planet] had consciousness of a type never before encountered.  It responded not only to physical stimuli but to thoughts.  It did whatever one imagined it doing.  If one imagined it turning green for more efficient absorption of sunlight, it turned green….  If one imagined it turning red, it turned red.   And if one imagined it extending a pseudopod, cautiously, to examine an observation-instrument placed at its border on the icecap, it projected a pseudopod, cautiously, to examine that instrument.  275-6.

…. [Before the planet was able to entice people to willingly live on it, it captured them.]  They had palaces to live in, ingenious pseudopods---to run any imaginable device for the gratification of any possible desire, [the ability to listen to] any of the music that had been heard on Alyx during the past five hundred years, and [provide] generally every conceivable luxury.

There were sweet scents and fountains.  There were forests and gardens which changed to other forests and gardens when men grew bored with them.  There were illusions of any place that the prisoners wished to imagine.  296.

Alyx was nonjudgmental and the only time someone was injured was when Alyx was seeking companionship of man:  He got too close to a planet and because he was unaware of the power of his gravitational pull, he tore the other planet apart.  299-300.

The full text of “The Lonely Planet by Murray Leinster” is now a link on this website.


Part II:  “I love you, my Messengers of God:

First, an explanation of “Angels, or Messengers of God” from the Americana Leadership College ( website:  This excerpt is essentially a reprint of Dr. Francisco Coll’s Man and the Universe (Americana Leadership College, Inc., P.O. Box 428, Osceola, Iowa 50213-0428, 5th Printing, 1992:                       

Imagine tapping a source of wisdom that can advise you on critical decisions and assist you with your timing. You can!

How would your life improve if at anytime, anyplace, you could communicate with wise advisors whose love for you was unconditional and whose resource was the Wisdom of the Universe?

The three halos above the stick figure (Please refer to the figure on represent entities who are your personal spiritual guidance. These highly evolved souls are here to back you in mastering the lessons you chose for yourself while here on earth. These spiritual helpers are known by many names; guides, angels, the Comforter, Holy Spirit, archetypes, ascended masters, etc. They are not holy, they are whole. They are one with all things.

In behalf of their own desire to grow and to better themselves, they are the messengers of the universe. Their purpose is to free their spiritual brothers and sisters from the bondage of ignorance.                                                                               

When a soul masters the lessons of planet earth he is ready to graduate from the earth plane. That soul no longer has to evolve in a physical body. These highly evolved souls become helpers of souls with bodies here on plane earth. They can be of service because they have mastered the lessons you are learning. Everyone has at least one of these souls to assist them. People whose life purpose has to do with working with things (artist, engineer, mechanic, etc) will have one or two spiritual helpers. People who came to work with people will have many more helpers. People have free will and you need more help if your life lessons are to be learned by working with people.

Now we know these spiritual helpers by many names; guides, angels, the Comforter, Holy Spirit, archetypes, ascended masters, etc. They are not holy, they are whole. They are one with all things. In behalf of their own desire to grow and to better themselves, they are the messengers of the universe. Their purpose is to help their brothers and sisters liberate themselves from the bondage of ignorance. They are here to help you understand who you are, where you came from and what you are doing here on planet earth. They want to bring people the essence of spiritual truth. This is what creates a high soul -- his efforts to better himself and help others.

The prophets knew of these angels. They wanted to find a way of communicating this reality to the masses. They wanted to explain that these souls moved through the air. They looked at all the birds and choose a dove because a dove never leaves its perch until it has its direction (This is why a dove is an important religious symbol). Then they needed a symbol for the crystal clear nature of these souls; they chose a child. They put the wings of a dove on the body of a child and called them Messengers of God. When the early texts were translated from Hebrew to Greek, the words became "angel."

The moment you decided to come to planet earth to do your work, you attracted a team of these souls to help you. You had some relationship with each of them in the past. You have an affinity for each other. They are not greater than you nor you lesser than they are. You are a team. You learn from them, they grow by helping you. They have a bigger picture but you have the physical body. It is your life and you have the final say on all matters. Their respect for your freewill is profound.

When you feel chills, that's your guidance reassuring you or giving you energy. They are always with you, no matter what. Even if you should pass on in a confused state of consciousness, they will stay with you until you regain your inner pivot point. They are the still small voice, the good idea, the feeling of inner strength that is available to you always if you will but live in the eternal now where they reside.


I am a feeler (see and Man and the Universe, p.33-4):  My feeling nature seeks out situations where I feel good, especially to feel one with God, which many religions assist their congregations in doing.   I am especially pleased that the church I attend, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Rochester, Michigan, celebrates the liturgy with feeling hymns similar to those mentioned in “Hymns” and “Spirituality” on my website.

Part III:  Dialogues:

Sandra Adler’s dialogue:

Sandra:  Last month I focused on being precise in my communication with my guidance.  This included digging deeper, asking for the reason why and being more specific with my questions.

Early in the month I got a cold (which is still lingering on).  I haven’t had one for years.  I knew it was the result of leaving myself out.  Rather than accepting that as the entire reason I wanted to explore more and be precise with how I was doing it.

My guidance shared that I was leaving my true feelings out and acting on emotional feelings.  The situation that came to me was my calico cat named “Calicoco.”  She was unhappy and not eating and acting as if she wanted to pass on.  She was special to me. I loved her and wanted to save her.  The humane thing to do would have been to take her out of her misery, which I finally did, but it was after I made myself sick.  I am so thankful that I can communicate with my guidance!

It is factual that there is no death and she may come back in a healthy body some day.  I was catering to the emotional feelings of wanting to save someone or something.  I can only save myself.  I wouldn’t be sick if I lived that concept.  Being more precise in checking with guidance I found that she wanted to pass on but I was holding her back.

Living through these cold Iowa winters I have often been amazed that I never got a cold.  Being my feelings has been my strength.  This has been a good lesson and I don’t want to lose what I have learned!

I make an effort to keep my energy high and positive.  This is the best way to be of service to you.  But now I have to do it to be of service to me first!  The ancient truth is that I am the only one I can save. 

I noticed that I attracted some different people when I was sick.  When I am feeling great I attract uplifting people.  When I was sick I was attracting problem-oriented people; people who were happy I was sick so they could relate to me, give me advice and tell me about their troubles.

What I worked on from my monthly projection was taking the time to feel the fulfillment that comes when I complete a project.  Instead of quickly moving to the next project I would take a few minutes to acknowledge that I had finished it 100%, enjoy the feeling and celebrate how good successful completion feels.

Response from your spirit guides:

The first situation you speak about is the illness you incurred because of your emotional involvement from the future loss of your beloved calico cat, Calicoco.  Many people become ill or cry a lot when anyone around them will be passing on.  The illness was caused by your painbodies.  However, crying itself is very useful, unless it happens too often, because it aids in releasing the pain of such a loss.

Your true feelings could have assisted you in releasing her and even rejoicing, because you would have realized that she learned much from you and was ready to advance in her eternal life plan.

You already are aware that you cannot save anyone, that they can only save themselves.  And expending energy in trying to save her weakened you further.

You also understand that Calicoco was unhappy because she knew you were having a difficult time releasing her.  A solution some come up with is acquiring a new pet or loved one.

A movie was produced some time ago, called “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”  The plot revolved about a woman who so poignantly requested her desire to pass on that a young man obliges her by killing her. 

Many suffer physically and mentally enough to complain about their situation.  However, most of the time this is learned behavior from one or both parents with one’s emotions reinforced by one’s painbodies.  Fortunately you are aware of your learned behavior and are doing your best to recuperate from an illness you created by your negative thoughts and emotions.

You also realize why many seniors stay away from group settings of other seniors because they always hear others influenced by their own painbodies mention or complain of their illnesses or operations.  It is difficult to lead a happy life when you hear this too frequently.  Being in your true feelings 98% of the time assists you in avoiding such situations!

You also knew from the past how to regroup your accomplishments.  You also realize that your painbodies interfere with your opportunity to bless yourself after each accomplishment by acknowledging that you have finished it 100%, to take time to enjoy the feeling and celebrate how good successful completion feels.

Finally, remember to pat yourself on the back more frequently.  It will make your current life more enjoyable.


My dialogue:

David:  I love you, my Lord and/or Messengers of God.  Many thoughts come to mind when I say this.  I have no doubt you are listening to me, however.

I have different feelings and emotions when I express my love of others.  For you, my feelings have always been ambivalent.  I have expressed hatred, anger, disbelief and finally, some kind of expression of love:  lukewarm, cynical, and positive warmth.

The hardest part of living has been fear of being judged, and as a result I have learned to judge myself too much.  Lately, with focusing on “The Secret” I have been able to relax much of the judging.

I have relaxed on the judging of myself for not becoming a physician or world leader.  However, I have done much work assisting myself and others psychologically and am still being of service.  Physicians agree that a person’s psychological problems affect their health, and writing this website has improved mine.

Sometimes during my life I have felt abandoned or left behind.  However, those really bad feelings are long gone.

I have difficulty sharing.  I have had to walk away from others when others monopolize the conversation.

Also, for a period of time I was so depressed that I wanted to die.  Part of it was caused by lack of energy and general malaise (not knowing how to cope with life in general). 

God or His Messengers:  You are still fearful of being judged because it was ingrained into your being while you were very young.  And sometimes when someone appears to treat you like a child you react slightly inappropriately (nearly always slightly because of your connection with spirit, and sometimes your reaction is humorous!)  You understand how your father’s perfectionistic streak overwhelmed him and you but you have substantially overcome it.  However, it still influences your life.

We do not expect deep, sincere love.  We do not expect any love.  You have given of yourself greatly, however, and we do not feel denied of your love.

Many who are physicians or practice other skilled trades spent years in spirit developing their skills and memory.    At one time you did, but much time has passed since then.  Also, your verbal skills were diminished substantially by how you were raised this lifetime.

For the work you chose for your lifetime, you felt it was a fair exchange because you knew when the time came you would be able to express yourself adequately.

Your greatest gifts are your humility, sincerity, love of humanity and being able to express yourself through writing.  Spirit has always and will always be assisting you.

What keeps you going even when depressed is your love of humanity.

You chose to be here.

Sometimes you believe you live a sheltered existence. However, you do your job in risk filled areas.

You love to share.  But when you feel that you are ignored, you move out of the situation, which is wise.  You are normal in that you realize time is precious and you do not want to spend it in gossiping or listening to gossip, even if in moving out you come across as dimwitted and/or uncaring.

You, like most of humanity, have moments when you believe circumstances control your life.  However, such apparent control has been agreed upon before your life began.  Working with spirit will assist you in overcoming the subconscious factors affecting your life and give you greater freedom.

You realize that some of the restraints placed upon you were agreed by you.  With the planet going through much change such as war, even the time for your reincarnation was delayed.  The fulfillment of your life was and is important to spirit.  However, so is every one’s.

You have gained greater strength to live a peaceful life when you viewed “2001: A Space Odyssey.”  One of the most profound sequences to you was the sequence near the end where the character David Bowman (Kier Dullea) calmly proceeds with his life after contact with alien intelligence.  You became somewhat upset but later reconciled to the fact of reincarnation when you witnessed his change to an infant.  However, you grew even further when you recently had dizzy spells and experienced what you thought was the trauma of dying.  During this episode, part of your eternal life flashed by and you viewed lifetime after lifetime briefly.  You stated to your wife, Judy, that you hoped your parents had joy in the act of creating your physical body.  Judy assured you that they did.

[Note from Dr. Sandra Adler:  David, you are love, one with all things, God.  There is no ambivalence when you are love.  The ambivalence is in your intellect, your emotions.  This is what you have been TAUGHT to feel, but it is not true feelings.  You talk about hatred, etc, in the same sentence as love.  You are confusing your feelings with your emotions.]

[Note from the author:  My physician has determined that I suffered a minor stroke.  He also noted that my brain tissue is shrinking and that I may later develop Alzheimer’s disease.  As a result, I have been exercising better and am taking Lipitor more frequently:  from one pill a week to one every other day.  I have also seen a neurologist who has determined that at this time there is nothing seriously wrong with me!] 

David C. Hakim
Rochester, Michigan
July 13 - 29, December 31, 2008; January 3, 2009