Rejoice! Rejoice!
We Have
 A Choice To Carry On!

Welcome To David




My whole life plan has been for me to create “utopia” on earth. I realize that creating a utopia on earth can be very difficult. I recognize I must be reasonably persistent (as defined only by myself with spirit) to accomplish a given goal even when I have difficulty in obtaining fulfillment. Through spirit I can at least make a beginning of utopia or a better place to live on earth. My utopia will be created in a legal and lawful manner. Getting publicity for my projects will assist in getting them accomplished. I must conceive, plan, execute and labor one step at a time. My utopia is an evolution of existing things.

My website is one of the principal means of the creation of my utopia on earth. At any specific moment I may experience a conflict in choices and anticipate judging myself if I make the wrong choice. However, I will find peace and joy if I recognize every accomplishment and accept everything less than a perfect choice, or one that I cannot seem to improve upon. When I recognize that with every moment I am positive and even thinking about my goal, I am accomplishing something and experiencing fulfillment. By being active toward creating a utopia, I will recognize that I am growing.

I am doing my best to search for and create my utopia. However, I am not anxious about creating a utopia on earth, because there are many other well qualified people attempting it. I am satisfied at the progress I am making. Creating a loving society is the hallmark of a utopia.

I am hopeful that I will create this utopia. I must be patient when I fail to understand what is happening. When I start to be overwhelmed, I recognize that perhaps negativity is influencing me. I need not consciously resist being judgmental because most of the time I am not. However, if others are around, and I recognize I am perhaps judgmental, I will immediately say, “I apologize.” Because I care, I will do my best.

David C. Hakim
Rochester Hills, MI
Feb. 4, 2016